Staumauer Vianden

Vianden Dam

Where? L-9419 Vianden

The Vianden Dam is currently being transformed into an oversized artwork.

On the initiative of the ViArt asbl Art Association and in collaboration with the SEO (Société Electrique de l'Our), German artist Klaus Dauven, with the assistance of Kärcher, is creating a "Reverse Graffiti" artwork. The motif depicts the faces of five workers who were involved in the construction of the structure. The dam, with its lower reservoir, upper reservoir, and underground facilities of the pumped storage power plant, is located in Vianden. Immerse yourself in the fascinating fusion of art and architecture and experience this unique artwork that honors the history and the people involved in the construction of the structure.

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Staumauer Vianden
Staumauer Vianden
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Address: Staumauer
L-9419 Vianden
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