Fort Lambert Luxembourg
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Read our travel stories – and discover an amazing country!

Luci is not just the print magazine for Luxembourg as a travel destination; it embodies a distinct ethos, a way of life that unfolds through narratives.

Join us in exploring the deeply personal tales of triumph from Luxembourg and discovering its unique locales. Whether it's a quaint town transformed into a giant’s playground, enchanting castles that offer solace to empowered women, the labyrinthine casemates in the capital where guides and historians illuminate our path, or the slate museum where a seasoned stone craftsman acts as our guide, Luci brings these experiences to life.

The Good Life

Get pampered, immerse yourself in culture, pleasure, and good feelings: the finer things in life.

Discover unexpected moments in our stories.

The priority? Having a good time, simple as that.

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Vianden chairlift
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Floating on a journey through time

A ride on the chairlift in Vianden is like travelling back in time. Slowly floating, gently swaying, machinery softly rattling.

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Grevenmacher Päiperleksgaart - Butterfly Garden
© Thomas Jutzler
Grevenmacher Butterfly Garden

Tucked away in the picturesque town of Grevenmacher is a place that transports visitors to another world. Visit the butterfly garden for a natural show of colour.

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Bettembourg Parc Merveilleux
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Bettembourg's fairytale park and adventure trail

Bettembourg’s “Parc Merveilleux” (fairytale park) is a tourist magnet which is well-known in Luxembourg and beyond the country’s borders.

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Hiker at Bourscheid Castle
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The Picknickers

Every week they explore another gem in their home country: Luxembourgers Ralph Kass and Daniel Irrthum decided to walk all the circular hiking trails in the Grand Duchy.

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Moselle Mike Quaide
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Äddi ciao tipptopp

Mike McQuaide, “An American in Luxembourg”, is an enthusiastic ambassador for beautiful places and interesting encounters, and prefers to travel on two wheels. When he’s not writing a book, he documents his experiences on YouTube, Instagram and the like.

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Gastronomy Steinfort
© Hadrien Friob
The terroir on the plate

In the gastronomy scene of the commune of Steinfort, the concept of “terroir” and seasonal cuisine are of central importance. Two chefs, just thirty years old, want to challenge the status quo. They are pushing boundaries... and to great effect.

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Poetic in conception, purist in execution

In the historic Bourglinster Castle, René Mathieu conjures up star quality cuisine to enchant his guests. Plants and vegetables play the leading role.

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A bespoke neighbourhood

The Fëschmaart is a village in the city, shaped and brought to life by dedicated merchants and restaurateurs.

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Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
© Eric Chenal
Art as a stroll

The compact capital truly makes museum visits a stroll. The so-called “MuseumSmile” is home to seven museums.

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Cep d'Or Hëttermillen
© Andre Schoesser
The secret of the golden vine

For centuries, the landscape along the Moselle has been shaped by viticulture. Even the Romans appreciated the terroir in the south-east of Luxembourg. To visit Cep d’Or is to encounter a unique family business.

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Hotelfachschule EHTL
© Andreas Weis
Hospitality school

From hospitality to the culinary arts, the Hotel and Tourism School EHTL in Diekirch teaches the art of welcome. Many successful gastronomes started here before taking on the world.

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Skate Philharmonie Kirchberg
© Thomas Linkel
Skateboarding is not a Crime

“Skateboarding is not a crime” — this catchphrase in the skateboarding community rings especially true in Luxembourg City. 

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Take a deep breath and disconnect.

Luxembourg, a country where you can dream.

Enjoy quiet little havens and get away from it all.

Whether in the countryside, indoors, in the open air, or in special places, Luxembourg beckons you.

Feel its energy in our stories.

Luxembourg National Library
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Travel for mind and soul

Luxembourg’s dynamic cultural life is full of unexpected hidden treasures.

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Vianden castle Hana Sofia
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Dreams of travel and castles

Castles can be places of power, or simply offer a place to daydream.

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Renaissance Castle Beaufort
© Véronique Kolber
Where is Madame ?

The Renaissance chateau in Beaufort has a magic all of its own. Make an appointment for a guided tour that brings the past to life. 

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Unesco Minett Biopsphere
© Thomas Jutzler
Man and the Biosphere

In 2020, UNESCO recognised the Minett region as a biosphere reserve. The man-made and rewilded landscapes are truly extraordinary. Discovering them is a magical experience.

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Outdoors Passion

Passionately outdoors.

Everywhere you turn, Luxembourg is full of enchanting hiking paths, exciting bike trails, and endless natural beauty.

Come and live out the best outdoor experiences.

Upper-Sure Lake
© Thomas Jutzler
Paddling, diving, enjoying nature

Still waters or foaming waves: the Upper Sûre lake and the Moselle offer both relaxing and dynamic watersports experiences.

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Nature reserve Haard Hesselsbierg Staebierg
© André Schösser
The path of change

Showcasing the scenic beauty of Luxembourg’s southern region, the Minett Trail is sure to capture the hearts of nature and history lovers alike.

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Berdorf Wanterbach climbing
© Pancake! Photographie
Hard to the limit

Luxembourg’s Annick Goerens wants to reach for the sky. Whether bouldering spots or rocks in the Mullerthal: Every wall is an invitation. She simply loves climbing. And she does it with energy and ambition.

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Remerschen Haff Réimech
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Naturally passionate!

Visit the enchanting “Haff Réimech” nature reserve and its “Biodiversum” to connect with nature and learn about conservation.

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Mullerthal Trail Trooskneppchen
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A classic trail calls!

The Mullerthal Trail spans a whopping 112 kilometres and is one of the most popular hiking trails in Luxembourg. An ideal spot for a father-son adventure!

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Lee Trail
© Alfonso Salguiero
Walking with friends

The 52-kilometre-long Lee Trail in the north of the country is the first section of the long-distance Escapardenne Trail which crosses the border into Belgium. Three friends explored it together.

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© Oliver Raatz
Speedy squad, great friendship

They are the “Spice Girls” of Luxembourg’s cycling world. While not beginners by any means, the group does prioritise fun and a sense of community over performance.

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Mullerthal motorcycle
© Pancake! Photographie
A great escape

The two globetrotters and self-made publicists Anabela and Jorge have written an unplanned success story with their travel magazine “diariesof”. From Luxembourg, they explore the globe by motorbike. They took us on a ride through their home country.

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CFL hiking trails Manternacher Fiels
© Oliver Raatz
Through the wild ravine forest

Ancient trees, rare plants and gently flowing streams — Luxembourg’s natural beauty shows off its wild side on a walk in the Manternacher Fiels. 

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Transforming Experiences

It’s the path that counts.

A voyage that changes you.

It’s those you meet who make the country really come alive.

People and places that transport you. Discover them in our stories and feel the winds of change.

Viticulturist Georges Schiltz
© Pancake!
“Fru” at heart

Young viticulturist Georges Schiltz set up his own experimental winery on land cultivated for generations.

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Luxembourg Casemates Kinnekswiss Fort Lambert
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Hidden tunnels and talking stones

The casemates are a fascinating series of tunnels running for several kilometres beneath the old town district of Luxembourg City, even extending as far as the Kirchberg plateau.

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Valentiny Foundation Remerschen
© Oliver Raatz
François Valentiny, Schengen-based architect

François Valentiny, a star architect from Schengen, works all over the world — yet his home at the border tripoint has left a strong impression on him. 

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Minett Fond-de-Gras
© Renata Lusso
On the trail of sweat and steel

From the puffing steam train via imposing blast furnaces to gloomy mines where miners once toiled: feel the spirit of Luxembourg’s steel past on the Minett Tour.

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Haut Martelange, Slate Museum
© Thomas Jutzler
A slate story

Nestled in the rolling hills of quaint Haut-Martelange lies a place that takes visitors back to a time when slate was worked by hand.

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Ardennes horses Munshausen Robbesscheier
© Pancake! Photographie
Horsepower with purpose

Charel Braquet and his Ardennes horses are a winning team. Come and meet them at the Robbesscheier nature adventure centre! 

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Rememberance and travel
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Remember, understand, hope

Travelling to commemorate can be an intense experience, especially for a German who decides to visit several World War II memorials in one day. 

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Sonnebierg Yoga Mia Voss
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Build your dreams

Off the hamster wheel and into a new life. The daily grind had her firmly in its grasp, but Mia wanted out. The years of meetings, hierarchies, and deadline stress are over. The former human resources manager is now a holistic wellbeing coach. She finds inspiration in nature. 

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Liefrange dam
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Go with the flow

Three friends, three cyclists and a river: a wonderful, boundless adventure from west to east along the Sûre.

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The Family of Man Clervaux
© Romain Girtgen
Me, human

Scarcely beyond the entrance and I’m already hooked. There’s something big going on here. “The Family of Man” – a personal experience.

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Open and Diverse

Many-sided, open to the world.

Luxembourg is a country that is open and multicultural.

With many languages and cultures, and just as many unforgettable experiences.

Join us, open your mind, and discover the diversity in colorful history.

Luxembourg MNAHA
© Pancake! Photographie
Luxembourg, your pictures!

Fine art photography in Luxembourg begins with Edward Steichen, one of its most famous pioneers.

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Luxembourg City
© Thomas Linkel
A city that connects

Luxembourg’s capital is as diverse as its residents, who hail from more than 100 nations.

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Luxembourg Kirchberg
© Pancake! Photographie
The city, her stage

For theatre director Anne Simon, all the world is a stage. Whether she is inside or outside, everyone is an actor and everyday objects become props. 

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Sightrunning in Luxembourg City
© Mike Zenari

Luxembourg’s Old Town has been a World Heritage Site for 25 years: you can explore it all on a Unesco walk. 

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