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Bistro Koeppchen

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Food & Drink

Visit Luxembourg to discover food and drink made with high quality ingredients, flavours and regional knowhow.

From the iconic Moselle still and sparkling wines to Mullerthal cheeses and cider, Luxembourg’s chefs and craftspeople are experts in the culinary arts, and serve passion with every product and dish.

Foodies love exploring the world’s only Grand Duchy through its award-winning restaurants and cooking, while others appreciate the country’s traditional bistro culture and wholesome Luxembourg food. Come and discover Luxembourg cuisine for yourself. Visit Luxembourg! 

Traditional food & drink

During your trip, why not explore the vineyards and award-winning wines found in the Luxembourg Moselle? Whether in the city or countryside, eat delicious national dishes, such as "Gromperekichelcher", Luxembourgish potato cakes, "Kachkéis", a cooked cheese, and other specialities like "Rieslingspaschtéit", "Bamkuch" or seasonal delights like “Boxemännchen”, “Bretzel” or "Three Kings' Cake". All these and more can be found in the country's many “patisseries”, cosy cafés and shops. Savour every moment in Luxembourg!

Restaurant Am Our Kohnenhof
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Luxembourg’s cuisine reflects the country’s cultural diversity. From bistro culture to the haute cuisine of gourmet temples: Luxembourg has something delicious to offer every palate.

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Wine Taste Enjoy 2023

Moselle © Lala La Photos
Luxembourg wine country

Small country, great wines: cultivated since Antiquity in Luxembourg, the vine has sculpted the unique silhouette of the Moselle hillsides.

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Bourscheid hiking trail L5
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Local products in Luxembourg

Whether you love good food or you just love food, Luxembourg certainly has some tasty treats on offer. There’s plenty for foodies to get their teeth into in Luxembourg, which is well-stocked with small-scale local producers, whose passion and know-how shape the country’s food culture.

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Namur Bamkuch
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A gourmet nation

Luxembourg, land of sweet temptations. Its influences are as varied as its specialties. From “Riesling-pâtés” to sweet “Cobblestones” and fine pralines, from elaborate “Bamkuch” to freshly roasted coffee. “Gourmet” is truly imprinted in Luxembourg’s DNA.

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Read our travel stories

In these travel stories you will appreciate the creative spirit of Luxembourg's wine producers at an experimental winery, meet future chefs who are mastering culinary skills, learning about gastronomy and working towards a diploma at the hospitality school. You can also discover the secrets of the vine and why drinking wines from Luxembourg will, and get a private invitation into the kitchens of two culinary virtuosos in their gastronomic restaurants.

Winery Jeff Konsbrück
© Mélanie Maps
Cep d'Or Hëttermillen
© Andre Schoesser
The secret of the golden vine

For centuries, the landscape along the Moselle has been shaped by viticulture. Even the Romans appreciated the terroir in the south-east of Luxembourg. To visit Cep d’Or is to encounter a unique family business.

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Poetic in conception, purist in execution

In the historic Bourglinster Castle, René Mathieu conjures up star quality cuisine to enchant his guests. Plants and vegetables play the leading role.

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Viticulturist Georges Schiltz
© Pancake!
“Fru” at heart

Young viticulturist Georges Schiltz set up his own experimental winery on land cultivated for generations.

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Gastronomy Steinfort
© Hadrien Friob
The terroir on the plate

In the gastronomy scene of the commune of Steinfort, the concept of “terroir” and seasonal cuisine are of central importance. Two chefs, just thirty years old, want to challenge the status quo. They are pushing boundaries... and to great effect.

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Jeff Konsbruck
© Melanie Maps
Fresh breeze in the vines

At the Luxembourg Moselle, a new generation of winegrowers is coming to the fore – with fresh ideas and a shared goal to make absolute top quality wines.

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