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Food & Drink

Culinary traditions with soul

Luxembourg offers a wide range of flavours in a very small area: sparkling wine from the banks of the Moselle, tasty hams from the Luxembourg Ardennes, honey from the heart of the country, cider and fine spirits straight from the orchards, traditional beers but also craft beers from microbreweries, and the finest pastries.  

In Luxembourg, multicultural origins blend with the latest food trends. You can taste different flavours around every corner, from fresh Italian pasta to fine French cuisine, as well as hearty traditional dishes from Luxembourg. The pleasure of savouring food is well anchored in Luxembourg's customs. It is therefore not so surprising that an unusual number of Michelin-starred chefs feel very much at home here.

Where do their ingredients come from? Produce is increasingly regionally sourced. Sustainability and ecological concepts are on the rise, also in Luxembourg, which does, after all, have a long-established agricultural heritage to draw on.

The terroir on the plate

The Good Life : Steinfort, the gourmand

In the gastronomy scene of the commune of Steinfort, the concept of “terroir” and seasonal cuisine are of central importance. Two chefs, just thirty years old, want to challenge the status quo. They are pushing boundaries... and to great effect.

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Gastronomy Steinfort

© Hadrien Friob

© Hadrien Friob


Luxembourg’s cuisine reflects the country’s cultural diversity. From bistro culture to the haute cuisine of gourmet temples: Luxembourg has something delicious to offer every palate.

Luxembourg wine country

Small country, great wines: cultivated since Antiquity in Luxembourg, the vine has sculpted the unique silhouette of the Moselle hillsides.

Cep d'Or harvest

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Local products

Whether you love good food or you just love food, Luxembourg certainly has some tasty treats on offer. There’s plenty for foodies to get their teeth into in Luxembourg, which is well-stocked with small-scale local producers, whose passion and know-how shape the country’s food culture.

Gourmet food and pastry in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, land of sweet temptations. Its influences are as varied as its specialties. From “Riesling-pâtés” to sweet “Cobblestones” and fine pralines, from elaborate “Baumkuchen” to freshly roasted coffee. “Gourmet” is truly imprinted in Luxembourg’s DNA.