Corniche Luxembourg city
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The VisitLuxembourg App

Your personal guide to the country.

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The VisitLuxembourg app is your travel companion in Luxembourg

Exciting travel experiences, fantastic locations and a wide range of attractive tours: all in one app.

Are you interested in culture, hiking or discovering the country on a bike? Plan a perfect travel experience according to your personal preferences. Visit a museum in the morning, have lunch at a local restaurant, enjoy a tour of a castle or palace in the afternoon and take in a concert in the evening... Concrete tips and all the practical information you need help you make your plans and provide inspiration for spontaneous trips to discover the unique delights of Luxembourg.

As life always writes the best stories in Luxembourg, too, our app also offers you a whole range of fascinating travel stories.

If you would like to have your own personal travel companion when you visit Luxembourg, simply download our free VisitLuxembourg app and look forward to an unforgettable stay.

What advantages does the app offer?

  • Planning of travel experiences according to your personal interests.
  • Saving your favourites in a reminder list – you can make a note of places of interest, tours, guided sightseeing tours, local products and manufacturers, sports and leisure facilities or restaurants, cafés, bars and nightlife.
  • Direct booking of visits and tours.
  • Direct calls to places of interest for information.
  • The best local, regional and nationwide transport connections.
  • Weather forecasts and current weather information to help you plan your day.
  • Authentic travel stories from Luxembourg. Tours of fascinating locations with locals, including audio guide.
  • Languages: German, English, French. The language of the App can be set in the languages settings of your smartphone.
  • Easy purchasing of the LuxembourgCard.
  • VisitLuxembourg Challenges

Visit Luxembourg Challenges

Take part in our challenges! Explore Luxembourg’s nature and cultural sites in a different way. Use the VisitLuxembourg app to check in at interesting sites and collect treasure. Most importantly, have fun!

How to play?

It's very easy to take part. It all starts with the VisitLuxembourg App. Download the app if you don’t already have it, and select VisitLuxembourg Challenges. Select the challenge you would like to complete, start the challenge and follow the attached hiking or biking trail, or visit the attractions that are shown in the challenge. Once you arrive at the different landmarks, open the app to check in and collect points.

The Leaderboard will show your points and ranking among the other players.

Keep in mind:

  • An online connection is needed to successfully complete the challenge.
  • You need to accept push notifications and the location settings in order to be able to check in at the various landmarks.
  • You can pause the challenge at any time and start new ones or simply start again later.

Read the terms of participation.

© Pancake! Photographie
Neimënster at the Grund
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Wenzel Challenge

The best way to understand the history of Luxembourg city is to experience it.

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© Pancake! Photographie
Entdeck de Minett Challenge

Discover the fascinating history and heritage of the southern region on the "Minett Tour".

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Éislek © Pancake! Photographie
Vëlosummer Challenge

Ready for the Vëlosummer, edition 2024?
But are you also ready for this year’s Vëlosummer Challenge? Because this is a tough one!

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Roman villa Miecher

Guttland © Visit Guttland
Welcome to Luxembourg’s Gallo-Roman past! Challenge

Luxembourg is home to so many historical Gallo-Roman sites that are just waiting to be explored. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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Esch Belval blastfurnace
Wild little sister Challenge

The furnaces might be cold, but Esch-sur-Alzette is still hot! From rock concerts, street art and theatre to the continuous reinvention of industrial facilities, this town is an alternative insider tip!

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Cité de l'Image Clervaux

Éislek © @TheRoadAbroad
Luxembourg, your pictures ! Challenge

Fine art photography in Luxembourg begins with Edward Steichen, one of its most famous pioneers. Since then, numerous artists, galleries, cultural institutions and businesses have carried on his legacy. In fact, art lovers decide how art is presented. 

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