Blast furnaces

Belval © André Schösser

Luxembourg city © Gauvin Lapetoule

Luxembourg city © Mike Zenari


Luxembourg is a colourful country with recognisable influences from Europe and all over the world. Yet the nation has its own unique culture and character. World-famous artists and newcomers, UNESCO world heritage at your fingertips, old fortress walls and striking modern architecture.

Luxembourg has over 60 art and history museums, galleries and cultural heritage spaces. Explore the country’s industrial, viticulture or agricultural heritage or soak up the visual arts in iconic collections like The Family of Man photographic exhibition in Clervaux Castle.

Prefer your culture al fresco? Head to Luxembourg City’s Old Town, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Stroll past stunning architecture interspersed with fortress ruins. As you pace the cobbled streets, admire the sculptures and statues which gaze over them like ghosts from the past.  

All of this can be experienced spontaneously. The Grand Duchy remains a hidden gem, and you won’t have to worry about face long queues or need to schedule a time slot far in advance. Experience culture in Luxembourg at your leisure.

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Grund Neimënster Luxembourg city
© Christophe van Biesen
UNESCO World Heritage

Stroll through ancient city streets simmering with stories, a former mining region reclaimed by nature, spectacular sandstone landscapes and discover an iconic photo exhibition.

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Casino Forum d'Art Contemporain

Luxembourg © Mike Zenari
Art & Museums

Luxembourg has over 60 art and history museums, galleries and cultural heritage spaces. Wander around, choose what you fancy, and relax into the experience.

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Illuminated Blast Furnaces Belval
© Claude Piscitelli
Industrial heritage

The worldwide industrial revolution left many deep scars on the landscapes of Luxembourg – especially in the mining regions of the south, the cradle of Luxembourg’s iron and steel industry.

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Schumans Eck Trail Wiltz
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Places of remembrance

Armies, military activities and war have all left their mark on Luxembourg. You can visit many places in Luxembourg, which mark significant moments, people and events gone by.

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Vianden Castle autumn
© Alfonso Salgueiro

Whether restored splendour or fortress ruins, Luxembourg’s majestic castles all have their own charm and are reminders of the country's powerful past. Get ready to embark on a journey through time!

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Moselle © Pancake! Photographie
Lëtzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz!

Rediscover Luxembourg in a new light and immerse yourself in authentic encounters, guided tours and unexpected cultural sites. 

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Esch-sur-Alzette © Pancake! Photographie
Luxembourg MNAHA
© Pancake! Photographie
Luxembourg, your pictures!

Fine art photography in Luxembourg begins with Edward Steichen, one of its most famous pioneers.

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Luxembourg Casemates Kinnekswiss Fort Lambert
© Pancake! Photographie
Hidden tunnels and talking stones

The casemates are a fascinating series of tunnels running for several kilometres beneath the old town district of Luxembourg City, even extending as far as the Kirchberg plateau.

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Luxembourg National Library
© Pancake! Photographie
Travel for mind and soul

Luxembourg’s dynamic cultural life is full of unexpected hidden treasures.

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Luxembourg Kirchberg
© Pancake! Photographie
The city, her stage

For theatre director Anne Simon, all the world is a stage. Whether she is inside or outside, everyone is an actor and everyday objects become props. 

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Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
© Eric Chenal
Art as a stroll

The compact capital truly makes museum visits a stroll. The so-called “MuseumSmile” is home to seven museums.

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