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Relax with art

Not elitist, but well rooted, far from the media hype and the queues around iconic works, art and culture can be enjoyed in a relaxed way.

Through an inspiring wander through the museums, where you can take a breather and clear your head, in search of new impressions and emotions.

Or on a stroll through the streets, discovering artists and their murals, and listening to musicians in cafés.

Or seek out the great philharmonic orchestras, UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval fortresses and modern architecture.

Between tradition and modernity, at the crossroads of the world's influences, and at the same time aware of its own artistic wealth: that's culture in Luxembourg!

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UNESCO World Heritage

Discover living history at Luxembourg’s four UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Art & Museums

Luxembourg is a paradise for museum lovers. The country has around 60 cultural institutions.



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Industrial heritage

The worldwide industrial revolution left many deep scars on the landscapes of Luxembourg – especially in the mining regions of the south, the cradle of Luxembourg’s iron and steel industry. A ride on the historic steam railway or a trip underground in an abandoned mine let you relive the past of the Minett.

Memorial sites

Armies, military activities and war have all left their mark on Luxembourg. The extensive legacy and relics of these troubled times will still be visible in the cities and countryside for many years to come. You can visit the testimonies that have survived until today.