Luxembourg National Library
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Libraries of Luxembourg

Story summary

  • Libraries as oases of peace and places of inspiration and escape.
  • From the imposing national library to the cosy reading paradises dotted around the countryside, each of these places offers a unique atmosphere.
  • Libraries are more than just collections of books. They are centres of knowledge, community and inspiration for the future.
  • Travel for mind and soul: the magic of libraries in Luxembourg immerses visitors in a world of stories and knowledge.

Luxembourg’s dynamic cultural life is full of unexpected hidden treasures. The country’s many libraries are architectural gems, mosaics of culture and history, and veritable oases of calm in the midst of hectic city life. Guardians of stories waiting to be unearthed. Whether urban or rural, libraries are where Luxembourg author Stéphanie Heuertz finds inspiration.

Welcome to an unconventional journey through Luxembourg! Globetrotters and culturati alike will enjoy travelling through worlds of knowledge, fantasy and inspiration in Luxembourg’s diverse libraries. Don’t be mis­taken, these are not stuffy rooms with shelves full of dusty books. Instead, you’ll enter bibliophilic oases full of life and innovation, blurring the lines between real­ity and fantasy.

Luxembourg Learning Centre

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They offer a lib­erating contrast to the trappings of digital life. Libraries aren’t just custodians of knowledge and education, they are lively community centres as well as keepers of history and inspira­tion for future generations.

Boundless curiosity

Stéphanie Heuertz has had a special relationship with librar­ies ever since her schooldays. Today, her passion for literature and her boundless curiosity have led her on a tour of Lux­embourg’s libraries: from the stately national library, and the futuristic “Luxembourg Learn­ing Centre” in Belval to hidden book nooks in Wiltz and rural Schwebsingen. Careful: once the magic takes hold, there’s no going back!

Stéphanie’s literary exploration begins in the grand national library located on the Kirch­berg-Plateau of the city. It is an accessible fount of knowl­edge - from rare manuscripts to contemporary comics, historical documents to modern interac­tive exhibits.

From the outside, you cannot begin to imagine the splendour of the lofty reading room and, as we enter, it hits Stéphanie with full force. Awe-inspiring architec­ture, a warm ambiance and soft lighting greet her. A place full of surprises. Countless nooks and crannies woo visitors into linger­ing and browsing.

Reading nooks

“Libraries are just perfect if you want to be among people but still have your peace,” says Stéph­anie. She recounts how much she enjoyed seeking refuge in the national library - at the time still located near the cathedral - and many other libraries in Luxem­bourg and abroad to study for ex­ams. Today, as chance would have it, she runs into her own students preparing for exams. Stéphanie teaches German at

“Lycée technique pour profes­sions éducatives et sociales”, a job she finds “profoundly fulfilling”, she says.

In 2022, Stéphanie Heuertz’s children’s book “De Félix, d’Mimi an d’Lëtzebuerger Traditiounen” won young readers’ hearts. In a captivating journey through the calendar year, the book illustrates Luxembourgish traditions, customs and history in an age-appropriate way. An exciting adventure that brings to life Luxembourg’s cultural diversity. The two protagonists learn about 12 Luxembourgish traditions, including the story of John the Blind and how he was involved with the “Schue­berfouer”, why Luxembourg celebrates its national holiday in June and where the mysterious “Kleeschen” comes from. “Orig­inally it was just a crazy idea I had,” says Stéphanie. She didn’t plan to write a book. She just wanted to write down some of her ideas without a specific goal in mind. But she soon caught the eye of Schortgen publishing house and her “crazy idea” became an exciting reality. A year later, the sequel “De Félix an d’Mimi wëlle bleiwe wat si sinn”, in which the characters learn even more about their homeland, found its way into bookstores. You’ll find it in the national library under “Luxemburgensia”.

National Library Luxembourg

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Stroll through the library to see how modern and creative details lend this place its charm. The analog display boards, made up of many different, indi­vidual letters, are particularly eye-catching.

Fun fact: at some point the letters had to be glued onto the board because people kept stealing them.

On the edge of tradition and modernity

Stéphanie continues her journey through Luxembourg’s fascinat­ing libraries with a visit to the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC), the library of Luxem­bourg’s prestigious university in Esch-sur-Alzette. Located amidst the soaring former steel furnaces, it’s not just a haven of knowledge for students but also a creative, architectural master­piece. The interplay of glass, steel and strikingly colourful design elements will beguile anyone, architecture aficionado or other­wise. Bright colours, open floor plans and natural light pouring through the large windows give this place a delightful shine. The glass elements on the facade were inspired by ash deposits on the windows of the former furnace, paying tribute to the vital role of the steel industry in Luxembourg’s history.

Luxembourg architects Valentiny HVP wanted to integrate the defining steel struc­tures of the old industrial hall or “Möllerei” into the design to set off the past against the future of this region. Head into the library and you’ll immediately notice the giant industrial elevator, a ves­tige of the steel industry, merged with the modern building. “The LLC is like a swanky version of the national library,” says Stéph­anie Heuertz. “It encapsulates the zeitgeist which makes it different from other libraries.

Esch-Belval gracefully blends past and future, industry and academics. Stéphanie visits the Luxembourg Learning Centre library located amidst the old furnaces which can also be toured.

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Warm and cosy

Our next stop is the Welubi library in Wiltz, nestled between forests, plateaus and the Sûre river in the beautiful landscapes of the north. It provides a de­lightful contrast to the stately libraries of the capital city and Esch-sur-Alzette. The homely charm and community spirit en­velop you as soon as you walk in the door. At the back, you’ll find a large table where visitors can sit, learn, read and play board games together.

Stéphanie’s last stop for today takes her to the “Bicherthéik”, a reader’s paradise in Schwebsingen near Schengen and the Moselle. Known for its historical flair, you’ll notice the creaking floorboards, the soft whisper of pages being turned and the unmistakable scent of old paper creating a cosy ambiance.

A magical retreat

The window offers an amazing view of the gorgeous vineyards which are emblematic of this region. It is the perfect place to cosy up with a good book and enjoy the scenery. The library is furnished with relics of the past hundred years: from an ancient typewriter and the bright red 1980s telephone to the blackboard dating back to when this building was a school. An entire floor is dedicated to children so they can nestle up and immerse themselves in stories. The friendly librari­ans also offer a cup of coffee for adults, or piece of chocolate for the kids. Stéphanie’s children, who are accompanying her on today’s tour, dive into the bowl of sweets as soon as they walk in.


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After this pick-me-up, curiosity gets the better of them and the children begin browsing through the shelves. The colourful book spines catch their eye, pulling them into story worlds for at least half an hour. Before leaving, each child is allowed to choose a book to take on their upcoming holiday.

Let Luxembourg’s libraries en­chant you. The gates to stories and the knowledge of our world are wide open. Simply walk in and let the libraries work their magic.

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Book tips

  • The national library on Kirchberg-Plateau, located near the tram line, is a place of both splendour an retreat.
  • Visit the Luxembourg Learning Centre in Esch-Belval amidst the former industrial furnaces.
  • Immerse yourself in homely charm and community spirit at the Welubi library in Wiltz.
  • The magical "Bicherthéik" awaits in beautiful Schwebsingen, near the Moselle river.
  • You'll find many other libraries and literary festivals around the country. For more information, visit the National Centre for Literature in Mersch.

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