Gëlle Fra Monument Luxembourg city
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Memorial sites

Scenes of a military past

Armies, military activities and war have all left their mark on Luxembourg. The extensive legacy and relics of these troubled times will still be visible in the cities and countryside for many years to come.

A walk through the capital already reveals numerous impressive examples: ramparts, the underground tunnels of the casemates and other fortifications planned and constructed by the famous French military architect and engineer Vauban are a reminder that the city was once a stronghold; so unassailable that it was known as the ‘Gibraltar of the North’.

The two world wars also left their traces in Luxembourg. Today, numerous memorials, monuments and museums remind visitors of how the country experienced these conflicts. You can also see the Second World War through the eyes of Luxembourg’s underground resistance movement – for example on the ‘Sentier des passeurs’ (Smuggler’s Trail), the ‘Bunker Hike’ circular walk in Schlindermanderscheid or at the National Resistance Museum in Esch-sur-Alzette.

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  • musee de la deportation

    Where? 3a, Rue de la Déportation, L-1415 Luxembourg City

    Museum-Memorial of Deportation

    Museum-Memorial of Deportation

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  • Documentation Centre for Human Migrations

    Where? Rue Gare-Usines, L-3481 Dudelange

    Documentation Centre for Human Migrations

    Migration history and the background of cultural diversity in Luxembourg - you will learn a lot here

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  • General Patton Memorial Museum Ettelbruck
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? 5, Rue Dr. Klein, L-9054 Ettelbruck

    General Patton Memorial Museum

    "General Patton Memorial Museum" focuses on the Battle of the Bulge

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  • Patton Square Ettelbrück

    Where? 5, Rue Abbé Muller, L-9065 Ettelbruck

    Patton Monument Ettelbruck

    The Patton Monument in Ettelbrück: A place of remembrance

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  • Fond-de-Gras_Lasauvage_Espace Museologique_ORT Sud 3

    Where? Place de Saintignon, L-4698 Lasauvage

    Espace Muséologique de Lasauvage

    Travel underground and back in time

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  • Kayl_Léiffrächen_copyright ORT Sud (159)

    Where? Rue de la Forêt, L-3620 Kayl

    National Mining Memorial

    The miners of Luxembourg and their victims are remembered here

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  • Circular routes
    Local hiking trail - R9

    Distance: 8,91 km
    Duration: 2:25 h
    Difficulty: medium

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  • WWII 385th Bomb Group Museum Perlé

    Where? 6, Rue de l'Eglise, L-8826 Perlé

    W.W.II 385th Bomb Group Museum Perlé

    W.W.II 385th Bomb Group Museum Perlé

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  • Frans Masereel exhibition
    with theLuxembourgCard

    Where? Place de la Résistance, L-4041 Esch-sur-Alzette

    National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights

    The National Museum of Resistance and Human Rights, located on the Place de la Résistance in Esch-sur-Alzette, focuses on the history of the Second World War in Luxembourg.

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  • Mine Cockerill Ellergronn

    Where? Centre d'Accueil Ellergronn, L-4114 Esch-sur-Alzette

    Museum of the Cockerill Mine at Ellergronn

    Exceptional legacy from the mining era

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