Sonnebierg Yoga Mia Voss

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Transforming Experiences Break out of the routine

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Build your dreams

Off the hamster wheel and into a new life. The daily grind had her firmly in its grasp, but Mia wanted out. The years of meetings, hierarchies, and deadline stress are over. The former human resources manager is now a holistic wellbeing coach. She finds inspiration in nature. 

The road is bumpy, the grass rises higher and higher, stones scrape the underside of the car. This can’t be the right way! But Google said: “Please turn right in 200 metres!” In the middle of nowhere, branches reaching for the vehicle, doubts arise. Is this the right path? And what is the alternative? This is something Mia does intuitively: find alternatives. 

Mia stops the Google route plan and relies on her common sense. She turns the car around, deviates and finds another more stable dirt road.  Mia Voss, a young woman with a thoughtful look, a slight smile on her lips, is on the road in Guttland with her partner Sarah and dog Molly. The destination: Turelbaach Castle, built by the amateur Luxembourg architect Pol Gilson over decades, and  encircled by a lake.

The result: a fantasy-like fairytale castle, with a round tower, partly based on church architecture, with a real drawbridge and many small rooms. Whitewashed walls and layered slate alternate, statuettes line the scenery like chess  pieces, a magnificent semi-circular terrace with climbing vines ends above gentle steps in the pond, and all this is reflected in the water where fat trout swim. Pol Gilson created the lake by damming a small stream. Pol worked on his dream until his  death in 2007. He left behind a building that is now even listed because it is so unique. Many festivals have been held here, films were even shot there. What will happen to the castle in the near future is currently being discussed. In any case, it is and remains a  dream turned to stone.

Fuussepad Trail

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Everything in balance!

In a way, this is Mia’s story. A new start on unknown terrain, an unusual building constructed on the basis of the past. Creating something that perhaps not everyone would build. To fulfil a dream. The little castle in Guttland is to Pol Gilson from  Luxembourg, what The Holistic Corner is to Mia Voss. Founded by the native of Denmark and former human resources manager, the business is a space offering holistic health services for people who want to change something in their lives and bodies! Off of the hamster wheel and into healing nutrition, yoga, massage, and more. The magic word is balance. And for that you need to overcome your inner obstacles, and develop new habits.

“Nature and the precious people around me help me a lot. It started with yoga which I first came to through Sarah, but I also want to learn other skills, such as reflexology, like my mother does,” Mia says, petting Molly. For Mia, walks with her beloved pet are an absolute must. Through these dog walks, Mia has already seen a lot of the country. She knows her way around Guttland anyway, she grew up here. And she always finds new, inspiring places here. “Mountains give perspective, water gives energy and calm, forests bring strength and clarity of mind,” says Mia.

When Mia, Sarah and Molly arrive at the castle, quacking ducks fly over the water. Time seems to stand still. Labradoodle Molly sniffs at the stones by the bridge. Have there been other dogs here? Surely. The view over the water brings peace and quiet. Until Molly barks. “Let’s go, girls! I want to do a real dog walk!”

Sonnebierg Yoga Mia Voss

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Primal, adventurous

The Guttland.Trails are just right for this. They have been mapped as short, enjoyable circular hiking trails and can all be discovered, for example, via the Outdooractive app. One of these trails is the Fuussepad. The sun shines gently through the light canopy of the mixed forest, then, as we pass beyond a bend, the path is transformed by rugged rocks and fallen tree trunks, primal, adventurous. “We love the peace and quiet here on the Guttland.Trails, they are less frequented than, for example, many sections of the Mullerthal Trail,” says Mia. The trio have been here several times. The dog enjoys the freedom and the many scents of the forest. Mushrooms line the path, the undergrowth rustles. Deer also seem to feel at home here. They will certainly visit the other Guttland trails, the Siwe Brécke-Wee and the Mamerleeën-Wee, again in the next few weeks.

Out of the forest and up onto a small hill: the three of them head to the Sonnebierg near Walferdange. As the name Sunhill suggests: here the sun warms people, animals and plants unhindered.

Fuussepad Trail

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Saluting on the sunhill

A multitude of fruit trees entices you to reach for them, but watch out: this is a nature reserve. Don’t take any fruit from the trees, don’t pick any autumn crocus from under the trees, no matter how tempting the delicate lilac blossoms are in the sun. The almost perfect lawn is tended by industrious sheep, as evidenced by the small, dark pellets everywhere.

Nevertheless, Mia rolls out her yoga mat under a tree. The sun salutation absolutely fits here. After a few asanas, during which the young woman seems to be completely at one with herself, Mia rolls the mat back up with a smile. That was a good moment.

A holistic approach to wellbeing naturally includes appropriate nutrition. She’s passionate about cooking, loves whole foods, preparing colourful dishes from scratch and experimenting with new recipes. It’s not about restrictions or extremes but rather about sustainable long term health choices. The key word is balance and Mia embraces it wholeheartedly. In addition, there is a lot of curiosity about herbs and broths, also from traditional Chinese medicine, which Mia also includes. None of this is witchcraft; in fact, it’s the obvious goodness that Mia embraces quite naturally here too.

Fuussepad Trail

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Mindful shopping

The fruit and vegetables that she and Sarah prepare and eat at home often come from Les Paniers de Sandrine in Munsbach. When you arrive, you think you are in the middle of a busy farm. Trucks whirl up dust, a large hall awaits visitors. And inside? Salads, herbs, pumpkins, cucumbers, but also oils, flour and many other products are appetisingly arranged in long rows. Old, dark cupboards behind the counter contrast with the industrial charm of the hall. It smells good, and the people selecting potatoes, apples or nuts here look content. In between, boss Sandrine scurries around.

“It just feels right to buy such products. You know where it comes from,” says Mia as she puts her wallet in the basket. Molly yawns and lies down on the floor. She is tired. But don’t worry: the way home will be easy for her mistress. The time of bumpy dirt roads is over, at least for today.


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