MullerthalTrail 24©LFT ASchösser
MullerthalTrail 24©LFT ASchösser


How wonderful it is to walk in the open air – some people even find it therapeutic! Luxembourg has a huge network of hiking trails that want nothing more than for you to tramp their length and breadth.

Hiking in Luxembourg

More and more people have caught the walking bug – maybe you’re one of them...? If so, Luxembourg is the place for you, as the Grand Duchy has one of the densest networks of hiking trails in Europe. The various regions all offer multiple landscapes for you to explore on foot, whatever difficulty level appeals to you.

Want to take in the view on your hike? The walk around Lake Esch-sur-Sûre is spectacular, whatever the season, and takes in part of the Haute-Sûre Nature Park. Alternatively, you could try trekking in Mullerthal – its craggy paths might put your calves through their paces, but the bizarrely shaped rocks, wild streams and charming forests of the region known as “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland” will feed your enthusiasm to keep on walking.

And, since it’s always nice to kill two birds with one stone, quite a few hikes will enable you to combine the great outdoors with some culture. Lots of routes offer the chance to visit a picturesque village or tourist attraction, to admire a historical ruin or even to cross into one of Luxembourg’s neighbouring countries, clocking up miles all the while. Better still, you can split your hike into stages, rewarding yourself for the day’s exertions with an evening visit to one of the country’s superb restaurants.


MullerthalTrail 22©LFT AScho?sser

Mullerthal Trail - Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe

The Mullerthal Trail stretches over 112 km and consists of three big loops in six stages, each with its own distinctive character.

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LeeTrail 19©LFT AlfonsoSalgueiro

Escapardenne - Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe

A quality certified trail through the Luxembourgish Ardennes split up into different stages.

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Nature Ourtal 74©LFT WernerMenzel

NaturWanderPark delux - Premium way

This hiking park has nine cross border routes between Germany and Luxembourg, offering some 170 km of superb hiking trails.

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SummerSunset NearAhn Moselle 2019 7©LFT AlfonsoSalgueiro

Dream loops - Premium ways

Hiking at highest level await the active and recreation-seeking hikers on the three certified premium trails in the Moselle Region.

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E?islek Pad Gilsdorf ©Visit E?islek

Éislek Pied

Enchanting forests, narrow paths, stunning rock formations, breathtaking views, extensive plateaus, deep river valleys – all this can be experienced...

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Village Schengen Moselle 2017 43©LFT UliFielitz

European long-distance paths

Two long-distance European footpaths cross Luxembourg and the country is is also situated on the Way of St. James.

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National Hiking Trails

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a network of national footpaths which cover the whole country and link up the biggest tourist sites.

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Biodiversum Moselle 6©LFT ThomasJutzler

Circular routes

Luxembourg has numerous circular walks, ranging in length from 4 to 16 km.

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CFL Wanderwege 113©LFT OliverRaatz

CFL rail & hike

Enjoy your walk and return to the starting point by train with this selection of trails.

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Trails © Youth Hostels

Youthhostel trails

Hike from youth hostel to youth hostel with these numerous stage trails.

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Themed trails

Find out which thematic walks Luxembourg has to offer.

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