The Land of the Red Rocks

The Land of the Red Rocks is a region of Luxembourg located in the south of the country. It owes its name to the red ore that was behind the success of the steel industry in Luxembourg, back in the industrial era. Today, the former mining area of the Land of the Red Rocks, also referred to as Terres Rouges, has established a new identity through combining ancient and new technologies.



Steel plants and Fond-de-Gras

The Terres Rouges region is primarily characterized by its industrial culture. The former steelworks were reassigned to serve modern society. Today it is the industry and railway park Fond-de-Gras, which recalls this fundamental time in the history of Luxembourg.

University campus and commercial centres

The Red Rock region encompasses the major commercial cities of Luxembourg, including Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange and Dudelange. Resolutely modern and trendy, these cities form an urban complex with a young and dynamic atmosphere. Street theater, rock festivals and concert halls complement cultural offerings. It is also in the Red Rock region, in Belval precisely, that the campus of the University of Luxembourg has opened its doors in 2015. The famous concert hall “Rockhal” in Belval became a meeting point of famous international rock- and popstars.

Red land - a paradise for children

In addition to the many attractions of the former mining area, the Red Rocks region offers a wide range of activities for children. Crocodiles, snakes, parrots and monkeys are waiting at the 'Parc Merveilleux' of Bettembourg. Hauled by creaking locomotive wagons spitting fire, kids and parents alike discover the underground galleries of the old mines of Rumelange.

Mountainbike Trails

The RedRock Mountain Bike Trails guide bikers on the traces of Luxembourg’s industrial and historical past through former open cast iron ore mines, which today have become protected nature reserves. The trails, each between 25 and 35 km, can be combined with one another according to sporting ambition, either on one day or over several days. The trail network is growing steadily and was extended by another trail "Belvaux-Differdange" in the beginning of the year. On a total of 165 km bikers will get their money's worth.

Different levels of difficulty are offered, ranging from S1 to S2+, following the German Single Trail Scale. However the trails are suited best for bikers who master the basic techniques and who have already gained first experience on the mountain bike.

Best things to do in the Red Rocks Region


The Land of the Red Rocks

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List of cities in the Land of the Red Rocks Region

bettembourg parc merveilleux robert theisen


Bettembourg is located 10 km from the capital city and 5 km from the French border. The "Parc Merveilleux", with its fairy tales, domestic and not-domestic animal...

differdange paysage claude piscitelli


Situated in the Valley of the "Haute Chiers" at the foot of the Dogger which towers a good hundred metres above its foreland, the city of Differdange, an important...

dudelange the bitter years chateau d eau 03 cna romain girtgen


This town, also known under the name "Forge du Sud", lies at the foot of Mount St. Jean. Its historical steelworks have been replaced by a modern cold rolling-mill....

architecture zone pietonne rue de l alzette tommi lappalainen


Cosmopolitan city with a lively past, Esch-sur-Alzette is well-known for its architectural charms (the architects Violet le Duc, Joseph Stübben, Gottfried Böhm and...

rumelange musee national des mines musee national des mines


Located in the wooded surrounds of the Kayl Valley, the town of Rumelange has played a major role in the industrial history of the South of Luxembourg. Visit the National Museum...


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