This town, also known under the name "Forge du Sud", lies at the foot of Mount St. Jean.

Its historical steelworks have been replaced by a modern cold rolling-mill.

Shopping enthusiasts can find an attractive commercial centre with many parking-lots and flowered squares between the town hall and the local museum.

The Mount St.Jean provides plenty of space to discover, with its restored ruins of an ancient castle and a touristic tower with excellent panoramic views.

There is plenty of green space available at the municipal parks "Le'h" and "E. Mayrisch" as well as at the nature reserve "Haardt" with a surface of 240 ha.


Address: Dudelange
L-3409 Dudelange
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Places to see

© Rene Hartmann Dudelang - David Laurent Wili
Indoor swimming pool - Centre sportif René Hartmann
A fully renovated swimming pool
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© Marc Lazzarini / Ville de Dudelange
Centre d'Art Dominique Lang
Contemporary art gallery
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Musée Municipal Dudelange (Municipal museum)
Fossils, industrial and local history in one large combined collection
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© Ville de Dudelange
DiscGolfPark Dudelange
Four DiscGolf holes can be played on free of charge
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© Jean Reitz
Regional Museum of forced conscription
This regional museum focuses on the complex history of forced recruitment during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg and provides a poignant insight into the suffering of the Dudelange population during the war.
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Skatepark & Dirtline Dudelange
A competitive facility
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© Pulsa pictures
Documentation Centre for Human Migrations
Migration history and the background of cultural diversity in Luxembourg - you will learn a lot here
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© Mike Zenari
Parc Le'h Adventures Dudelange
Climbing among the treetops at the Parc Le’h
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© Pulsa Pictures_ORT SUD
Mémorial "Porte d'Italie"
A historic bond that should never be forgotten
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