Thematic bike tours in Luxembourg

Local tourist offices and municipal administrations offer numerous thematic bike tours in Luxembourg. Each of these tours will take you on a discovery trip, through some of the most stunning landscapes in the country.

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The Cycling Without Borders initiative comprises 12 nature, culture and gastronomy tours.

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Thematic bike tours in Luxembourg

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Cycle tour "Gënzentour"

Where : Troisvierges

Cycle tour "Gënzentour" Start: Trainstation Troisvierges...

cycle tour genzentour troisvierges photo 1

Cycle tour "Jardins à suivre"

Where : Troisvierges

Cycle tour "Jardins à suivre" Start: Trainstation...


Cycle tour "Panorama"

Where : Troisvierges

Cycle tour “Panorama” Start: Troisvierges (gare) The...

cycle tour panorama

Cycle tour "Römerrunde"

Where : Schengen

Cycle tour " Römerrunde" Start: Schengen From Schengen, you...

cycle tour romerrunde schengen photo

Cycle tour "Sauertalroute"

Where : Wasserbillig

Cycle tour "Sauertalroute" Start: Wasserbillig This tour starts at...

cycle tour sauertalroute wasserbillig

Cycle tour "Täler-Tour"

Where : Konz (D)

Start: Konz This varied tour starts in Konz at the confluence of the Saar and...

cycle tour taler tour konz photo

Cycle tour "Tour Boler"

Where : Rodemack (F)

Start: Rodemack This route full of contrasts through the Moselle Department...

cycle tour tour boler rodemack photo 1

Cycle tour "Tour Däitschland"

Where : Konz (D)

Start: Konz This tour connects with each other the Rhineland-Palatinate,...

cycle schengen

Cycle tour "Tour Frankräich"

Where : Thionville (F)

Start: Thionville First, you cycle through quiet housing areas south of...


Thematic bike tours


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