Places of worship, archaeological and industrial heritage in Luxembourg

Places of worship in Luxembourg

Numerous religious sites and places of worship highlight the fabulous landscapes of Luxembourg. Catholic religion is predominant, and its believers come together in beautiful churches, abbeys and basilicas. Yet there are also a lot of smaller parish churches that witness a remarkable architecture with solemn interiors. The life of Luxembourg's Catholics is marked by religious celebrations the whole year through. The Dancing Procession of Echternach or the Octave pilgrimage in Luxemburg city are just a few examples amongst the many famous religious events.

Archaeology in Luxembourg

Archaeology in Luxembourg retraces a flourishing past, from prehistory through the Roman times and the Middle Ages up to today's buzzing civilization. Archaeological excavations have been held at many a site. Their findings are displayed in the numerous museums of history and art. Archaeology also means discovering the everyday life, work and rituals of our ancestors. Hence a number of archaeological sites display through workshops how people lived in the Roman times or manufactured iron in the medieval times. The remains and the museum of Roman Villa  at Echternach or the Roman site of Dalheim rank among the best preserved Roman ruins of Luxembourg.

Industry in Luxembourg

Strongly marked by the Industrial Revolution, Luxembourg has an abundance of industrial sites, mainly situated around the mining area in the south of the country. Iron mines, blast furnaces and old factories are the witnesses of a buzzing period during which everyday life has often been hard. With its Roman lime kilns, old railways and copper mines, Luxembourg has such a rich industrial history that specific walking-tours around industrial sites have been designed. Discover Luxembourg’s industrial heritage through an exciting quest hunt in the mines or take a ride on a locomotive. A journey for the whole family.

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Cultural heritage in Luxembourg

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Ancient Cloth Factory "Duch vum Séi"

Where : Esch-sur-Sûre

Old Cloth Factory “Duch vum Séi” A former cloth...

dsc 5736

Temporarily closed

Historical steam train "Train 1900"

Where : Differdange

The "Train 1900" (tourist steam train) connects Pétange to...

historical steam train 1900 02

Minett Park Fond-de-Gras

Where : Differdange

Minett Park Fond-de-Gras: steam train rides and a glimpse of mining...

fond de gras train 1900 copyright pulsa pictures ort sud 54

Museum Dräi Eechelen - Fortress, History, Identities

Where : Luxembourg City

Dräi Eechelen Museum: Fortress, History, Identity A fortified castle...

ont 2012 00187 christof weber musee 3 eechelen

Temporarily closed

Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Station SEO

Where : Vianden

Pumped-storage hydroelectric plant: electricity for Europe The gigantic...


"Gallo-Roman site" Dalheim

Where : Dalheim

Large vicus (whose origins date back to about 1st century BC) on the Roman...

ricciacusfrenn 12 theater eingang

"Gallo-Roman site" Echternach

Where : Echternach

Remains of a large Roman palace next to the artificial lake. Little fort of...

l wort foto pierre matge villa romaine echternach

"Gallo-Roman site" Lellig

Where : Lellig

Remains of a Gallo-Roman funeral enclosure in the forest "Weiler"...

gallo roman site lellig

"Rackésmillen" Enscherange

Where : Enscherange

Water-mill that was built in the year 1824.

rackesmillen enscherange

Location of places of worship, archaeology and industrial sites


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