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SteichenCollection FamilyOfMan Clervaux 5©LFT ThomasLinkel

Art and culture

In Luxembourg, there is more to art than what you find in galleries and, while you can experience culture in the form of plays and concerts, you can also feel it all around you through each region’s unique traditions.

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Cultural blend and traditional folklore

Love art and culture? You won’t be able to resist Luxembourg’s cosmopolitan cultural scene, where there’s so much going on. The country encourages the emergence of young talent and promotes the arts in all their forms. The result is all manner of cultural treasures, drawing on a rich variety of influences – you’ll find something you love, whether you’re into music, festivals, theatre or dance. Luxembourg City was European Capital of Culture in 2007 and Esch-sur-Alzette, southern Luxembourg’s largest city, will be taking its turn in 2022.

When walking around Luxembourg City, you can’t fail to notice that it straddles different cultures and eras. It marries the charm of remnants of the Middle Ages with the beauty of modern-day architectural design. If you only visit one tourist attraction, make it the old city and fortifications, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like museums? The MuseumSmile walking tour is right up your street! It takes in all seven of the city’s main museums, including the spectacular architecture of the Mudam museum of modern art, designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei. As you will see, the Mudam building perfectly encapsulates Luxembourg City’s unique blend of the historical and the modern.

Don’t forget the rest of the country, though! Get out on the road and explore Luxembourg’s different regions. The country boasts some 60 museums and three other UNESCO-registered cultural sites. It is also rich in long-held traditions and know-how. By exploring these places, you will discover cultural gems and local folklore, but you’ll also be surprised by how varied and well-preserved the country’s natural environments are. Dotted with castles and other ruined fortifications, as well as with disused industrial sites, the landscapes you’ll be travelling through will also offer numerous attractions that are sure to make you fall for our little country.

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This is bound to surprise you: Luxembourg has four UNESCO-recognised cultural sites!

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Museums (72)

With over 60 museums dedicated to the country’s history and traditions, your biggest problem will be picking one.

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Castles & Fortifications (26)

Head back in time, by exploring the castles and fortifications that adorn Luxembourg’s landscape.

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From historical buildings to contemporary constructions, Luxembourg’s architecture is worth going out of your way for.

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Cultural heritage (114)

With so much heritage, you can immerse yourself in Luxembourg’s history, from prehistoric times to the present day.

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Military heritage

For centuries, Luxembourg City was Europe’s most impregnable fortress – discover its remains and relive the conflicts that marked its history.

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Tourist Activities (72)

To help you discover the country, Luxembourg has a wealth of tourist activities designed for children and adults.

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Theaters, concerts and cinema (52)

With all sorts of place to go and see a show, Luxembourg’s cultural offering is a big draw.

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