Rock formation "Gefale Leeën"

Imposing rock formation made of "fallen" rocks.

Covered with moss, lichens and ferns, the "Gefale Leeën" - "fallen rocks" - line the path. The rocks are made of dolomite and have fallen from the great rock face. Water trickles through crevices in the dolomite and accumulates on the underlying marls, a clay-rich rock. For a long time, the rock faces of the dolomite slip down on the softened marls to the valley. Huge rock falls such as the "Gefale Leeën" can occur on the Dolomite rock walls, but they are rare. They are usually favoured by intense erosion of the slope by the Sûre. On the unsteady relief around the partially overgrown stone blocks, a canyon forest has developed. A canyon forest of linden, maple, beech and elm trees grows on steep slopes where the top layer of soil and rock is not stable.
You can reach Gefale Leeën via Route 1 of the Mullerthal Trail and the 8.7 km long local R8 hiking trail. Parking is available in Rosport and Steinheim.

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Address: Rock formation "Gefale Leeën"
Op Maeleck
L-6585 Rosport
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Phone:+352 72 04 57 1
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