Mountain Bike service Station - Schifflange

Where? Montée du Cimetière, 3815 Schifflange

Clean and repair your mountain bike

In Schifflange, at the starting/finishing point of the RedRock Mountain Bike Trail “Lalléngerbierg – Gaalgebierg”, you can wash and repair your bike at the bike wash station! The station is situated on the Stade Jean Jacoby parking.

The station is completely free to use!

For any inquiries, please contact the

Administration communale de Schifflange
Rue Aloyse Kayser
3852 Schifflange

Opening hours municipality:
Monday – Friday :      08:00 - 12:00
                                  14:00  - 17:00

Bike Service
repair stationair pumpwashing station

Opening hours


Address: Administration Communale de Schifflange
Montée du Cimetière
L-3815 Schifflange
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