Markusbierg & Markustuerm

Markusbierg & Markustuerm

The Markushill & the Markustower

Many Moselle vines didnt't survive the harsh winter of 1928/29. Hence, it was decided to restructure the whole vineyard and to switch to quality wine.

In 1933 a total of 85 winegrowers from Schengen volunteered to reconstruct the vineyard area. Several small vineyards were united into a single 20 ha vineyard. On 13 September 1936, during a worthy ceremony, the entire vineyard was placed under the protection of St. Markus. Since that day, the statue of St. Markus, created by the sculptor Claus Cito (Gëlle Frau), has been enthroned on the imposing lookout tower. The Markustower represents the symbol of a new beginning in the viticulture of Schengen. Community spirit and the sense of solidarity of the Schenger winegrowers led to the creation of this beauiful surrounding.

The Markustower is a medieval defensive tower. On the initiative of the "Syndicat d'Initiative Schengen" and thanks to the support of the municipality of Schengen, numerous craftsmen and sponsors, the Markusturm was restored in 2016 and inaugurated in June 2017.


Address: Markusbierg & Markustuerm
Um Markusberg
L-5445 Schengen
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Phone:+352 26 66 58 10
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