When? Tuesday 27.02.202418:30 - 19:30

Puerto Rican Salsa [beginners]
Where? 1-3, rue d'Eich, L-1461 LUXEMBOURG Sport, Theatre, Film & Shows, Nightlife, Health, Training/Conferences

Dance class

Puerto Rican Salsa [beginners] with Alessia.

The course will take place every Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

We kindly ask you to reserve your place by filling out our form.

Course description

We offer you a journey to the heart of our inner rhythms, our collective rhythms, an awareness of Caribbean rhythms, in direct relation with percussion, instruments and dance.

Anchoring, vibration, breath and movement in space will be discussed.

Alessia will take you towards spontaneous movement according to each person's physical abilities: without judgment, simply dancing what we are.

Accessible to all audiences without the need for prior dance practice.

Puerto Rican salsa description

Puerto Rican salsa has a clean, elegant and sensual character.

Born in Spanish Harlem in New York, Puerto Rican salsa is very mixed.

It draws its influences from Jazz and Afro-Cuban dances, the piano is often present.

The music is rhythmic, romantic and soft.

Puerto Rican salsa is codified, sober and brings sensuality.

We find there the virtuosity of the stage.

Dancing, unlike Cuban salsa, is done on a line.

We often find Puerto Rican salsa at international events.

The dancers do footwork, acrobatics, multiple turns.

The guidance must be precise, what a joy once integrated.

Marc Anthony represents Puerto Rican salsa in the world.

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Address: École de danses latines Danse-Salsa
1-3, rue d'Eich
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Phone:+352621 46 56 96
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