When? Tuesday 27.02.202419:45 - 20:45

Cuban salsa [intermediates]
Where? 1-3, rue d'Eich, L-1461 LUXEMBOURG Sport, Theatre, Film & Shows, Nightlife, Training/Conferences

Dance class

Cuban Salsa [intermediates] with Alessia

The course will take place every Tuesday from 7:40 p.m. to 8:40 p.m.

We kindly ask you to reserve your place by filling out our form.

Course description

We offer you a journey to the heart of our inner rhythms, our collective rhythms, an awareness of Caribbean rhythms, in direct relation with percussion, instruments and dance.

Anchoring, vibration, breath and movement in space will be discussed.

Alessia will take you towards spontaneous movement according to each person's physical abilities: without judgment, simply dancing what we are.

Accessible to all audiences without the need for prior dance practice.

Description of Cuban dances

In Cuban dances we find elegance, rootedness, joy of living, letting go.

Practicing Cuban dances will bring you a lot, from a physical point of view, but also spiritually.

Your body will be more flexible, your muscles will strengthen while being more elastic, you will feel fluidity, coordination and your entire body moving in space.

Cuban dances will allow you to free yourself from stress, see life with more lightness and free yourself from your tensions.

They can be learned solo, with “salsa suelta”, but also in couples and in groups.

These are popular and social dances that are practiced with joy and good humor, you will all dance together, change partners and meet new people.

We regularly organize concerts, during which you can practice and repeat the steps you have learned, in order to improve and be able to dance as naturally as possible, while having fun.

Dancing practice will become natural and comfortable, like breathing or walking.

Do you have minor pains due to everyday routine and your responsibilities?

Dancing can help relieve tension.

During classes, you will focus your attention on specific exercises that will allow you to clear your head.

You should ideally get rid of your anxiety as well as your worries, and indeed, your pain.

Cuban dances that we teach:

The casino (also called Cuban salsa);

The casino street;

Salsa suelta;

The Cuban rumba;

The cha cha cha;

The Cuban bolero.

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Address: École de danses latines Danse-Salsa
1-3, rue d'Eich
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