Luxembourgish Specialities and Recipes

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What specialties and recipes from Luxembourg are there to discover ?

No matter whether derived from a centennial tradition or newly developed, Luxembourg’s specialties are outstanding due to its authenticity; authentic in taste, authentic in the producer’s desire to experiment and to permanently re-invent the preparation as well as the presentation of local dishes.

Meat consumption can be traced back to the most traditional dishes of Luxembourg. Born out of popular wisdom and creativity, it reflects an entire way of living, nay even of culture. As with the famous “Judd mat Gaardebounen”, there are numerous traditional recipes that show off the value of meat. Interestingly, both hobby and professional chefs tend towards a return to traditional values.

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Find specialties and recipes from Luxembourg


Luxembourgish Specialities and Recipes

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Where : Luxembourg City

Serves 10 Ingredients: 800 g large beans 200 g onions 300 g  potatoes 200...

bouneschlupp bean soup

Brasserie Béierhaascht

Where : Bascharage

Discover at the Béierhaascht a unique combining of modern age and...

brasserie beierhaascht bascharage beer boiler

Chicken Fricassee with Riesling wine

Where : Luxembourg City

Ingredients for 10 serves: 3pc chicken (each 1,2 kg) 1000ml white stock 300ml...

bouchee a la reine passion meets creativity

Feiersténgszalot (meat salad)

Where : Luxembourg City

Serves 4 Ingredients 600 g boiled beef (rump roast, brisket or similar) 2...


Gromperekichelcher (Potato Pancakes)

Where : Luxembourg City

Ingredients for 10 serves: 1500g potatoes 100g shallots 30g garlic 100g butter...


Ham crust (Jambon en croute)

Where : Luxembourg City

Ingredients for 10 serves: 2000g cooked ham 200g onions 200g leek 200g carrots...

jambon en croute

Huesenziwwi - Luxembourgish Jugged Hare

Where : Luxembourg City

Ingredients for 10 serves: 3500g hare 100ml oil 2000ml red wine 100g onions...

civet de lievre a la luxembourgeoise

Judd mat Gaardebounen

Where : Luxembourg City

Smoked Collar of Pork With Broad Beans Wash the smoked collar of pork with...

judd mat gaardebounen

Kuddelfleck - Luxembourgish Tripe

Where : Luxembourg City

Ingredients for 10 serves: 2500g precooked tripes 100g flour 6pc eggs 300g...

gras double a la luxembourgeoise

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