Thematic bike tours in Luxembourg

Local tourist offices and municipal administrations offer numerous thematic bike tours in Luxembourg. Each of these tours will take you on a discovery trip, through some of the most stunning landscapes in the country.

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The Cycling Without Borders initiative comprises 12 nature, culture and gastronomy tours.

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Thematic bike tours in Luxembourg

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Cycle tour "Velo Pomarium"

Where : Ehnen

Cycle tour "Velo Pomarium" Start: Ehnen Above all, this tour...

cycle tour velo pomarium

Cycle tour "Velo Romanum"

Where : Bech-Kleinmacher

Cycle tour "Velo Romanum" Start: Bech-Kleinmacher At the...

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Cycle tour "Velo Vinum"

Where : Ehnen

Cycle tour "Velo Vinum" Start: Ehnen This tour begins at the wine...

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Cycle tour "VeloRoute SaarLorLux"

Where : Schengen

Schengen - Remich - Luxemburg - Beidweiler - Consdorf - Echternach -...

echternach denzelt

Cycle tour "Vennbahn"

Where : Troisvierges

Fen-Rail Cycle Route Aachen - Troisvierges In the north of Luxembourg,...

cycle tour vennbahn troisvierges photo

Dällchen West Tour (26 km)

Where : Useldange

The comfortable cycle tour of Dällchen allows you to discover the former...

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Jhangeli West Tour (11 km)

Where : Beckerich

This cycle tour is family-friendly and takes you into a discovery across 5...

ort gutland shoot inet marc lazzarini standart 148


Where : Luxembourg City

Velosophie offers a guided cycling through the Lëtzebuerg West region....

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Local Cycle Path "Tudor Tour"

Where : Rosport

Local Cycle Path "Tudor Tour" Possible starting points: Bike rental...

foto neue fahrradbrucke jos schoellen

Thematic bike tours


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