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Comfort hiking trail Bissen

Starting point
Parking "Bei der Bonnert" / Playground
Parking "Bei der Bonnert" / Playground
3,08 km
1:00 h
  • Condition
  • Technique
Highest point
342 Hm
Lowest point
291 Hm
Aggregated Ascent
52 Hm
Aggregated Descent
52 Hm
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Kids & Family Accessible to all Dog-friendly
The comfort hiking trail in Bissen: a light, family-friendly hike that invites you to discover and slow down surrounded by nature. 

The natural car park at the ‘Bei der Bonnert’ forest playground is the starting point. The circular trail leads through the picturesque ‘Bonnert’ forest and consists predominantly of paved natural trails, some with a fine granulate surface that is perfect for pushchairs. A short, family-friendly hike through the forest that offers the perfect opportunity to recover from everyday life and discover nature’s little wonders. The trail follows an idyllic stream with birds chirping in the treetops and squirrels skilfully going from tree to tree and more.

This path is suitable for people who like a little more comfort. It’s wide enough, easy to walk on, wheelable and has no major inclines or physical barriers. There are numerous benches along the hiking trail, which are perfect for taking a break surrounded by nature.

Back at the starting point, the playground offers endless possibilities for little explorers and for enjoying an extensive picnic.

It’s a hike through nature that provides the perfect backdrop for a carefree time as a family.

Current conditions

Source: Visit Luxembourg, Published: 2023-05-25
Section with 10 to 18 % slope (distance< 100 m)
Notice: There is an incline of 10 - 18% over a length of approximately 85 metres.

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