Natura 2000 area - Valley of the White Ernz

Natura 2000 area - Valley of the White Ernz

Between Fischbach and Ermsdorf there is the 2,000 ha flora and fauna habitat protected area called "Vallée de l’Ernz Blanche". The area of the White Ernz includes forest areas, but also agricultural areas, north of Medernach for example.

This area is characterized by the sandstone rock formations. The area extends over deep valleys through the White Ernz and numerous smaller tributaries. The thin fern winds through the crevices, the eagle owl and peregrine falcon find the perfect nesting spots here. What differentiates the valley of the White Ernz from the valley of the Black Ernz is its forests.

The White Ernz is mainly characterized by riparian forest. Here too the beech forest can be found on the slopes and plateaus of the valley. Three bat species have found their home here.
In addition, amphibians can be found here, such as the rare crest hole or the toad here. The quarry of Ernzen is the only reproductive area in Luxembourg


Address: Natura 2000 area - Valley of the White Ernz
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