Kapenaker blooms
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Country life

Get a taste of the Luxembourg countryside

Relax in the fields, flowerbeds and pastures or lend a hand yourself: discover life in the countryside in Luxembourg. And find out what exciting tourist offers there are on this subject. Do yoga exercises in the forest and on the meadow, discover your creative side by putting together your favourite flowers or experience the course of the year in the vineyard with your children.

But also experience the classic harvest on a farm or get an insight into agricultural practices of yesteryear in the country's rural museums. Ever seen one of the mighty, good-natured Ardennes horses pulling big logs out of the woods? Ever baked traditional waffles or seen how bees live? Welcome to the countryside!

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Kapenaker Blooms
© Pancake! Photographie
Kapenaker Blooms

Kapenaker Blooms, in the Moselle region, is a flower farm that beckons with local and seasonal blooms. You won’t find big, fancy flowers here.

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miniWënzer: Young vineyard explorers

What happens year-round in a vineyard? How are wine and grape juice made? Children aged eight to ten can join “miniWënzer” to find out everything they need to know about viticulture, from care to harvest and the big “Hunnefeier” at the end of the season.

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Yoga Trails Luxembourg
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Yoga trails Luxembourg

Anyone is welcome on Isabel Schank’s Yoga Trails. Here, yoga is an act of self-care. No pressure, just pleasure. Outdoors, in Luxembourg’s magical countryside.

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Transforming Experiences

It’s the path that counts.

A voyage that changes you.

It’s those you meet who make the country really come alive.

People and places that transport you. Discover them in our stories and feel the winds of change.

Sonnebierg Yoga Mia Voss
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Build your dreams

Off the hamster wheel and into a new life. The daily grind had her firmly in its grasp, but Mia wanted out. The years of meetings, hierarchies, and deadline stress are over. The former human resources manager is now a holistic wellbeing coach. She finds inspiration in nature. 

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Haut Martelange, Slate Museum
© Thomas Jutzler
A slate story

Nestled in the rolling hills of quaint Haut-Martelange lies a place that takes visitors back to a time when slate was worked by hand.

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The Family of Man Clervaux
© Romain Girtgen
Me, human

Scarcely beyond the entrance and I’m already hooked. There’s something big going on here. “The Family of Man” – a personal experience.

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Viticulturist Georges Schiltz
© Pancake!
“Fru” at heart

Young viticulturist Georges Schiltz set up his own experimental winery on land cultivated for generations.

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Minett Fond-de-Gras
© Renata Lusso
On the trail of sweat and steel

From the puffing steam train via imposing blast furnaces to gloomy mines where miners once toiled: feel the spirit of Luxembourg’s steel past on the Minett Tour.

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Ardennes horses Munshausen Robbesscheier
© Pancake! Photographie
Horsepower with purpose

Charel Braquet and his Ardennes horses are a winning team. Come and meet them at the Robbesscheier nature adventure centre! 

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Rememberance and travel
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Remember, understand, hope

Travelling to commemorate can be an intense experience, especially for a German who decides to visit several World War II memorials in one day. 

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Valentiny Foundation Remerschen
© Oliver Raatz
François Valentiny, Schengen-based architect

François Valentiny, a star architect from Schengen, works all over the world — yet his home at the border tripoint has left a strong impression on him. 

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Liefrange dam
© Alfonso Salgueiro
Go with the flow

Three friends, three cyclists and a river: a wonderful, boundless adventure from west to east along the Sûre.

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Luxembourg Casemates Kinnekswiss Fort Lambert
© Pancake! Photographie
Hidden tunnels and talking stones

The casemates are a fascinating series of tunnels running for several kilometres beneath the old town district of Luxembourg City, even extending as far as the Kirchberg plateau.

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