Valley of the Seven Castles Tour - 27 km

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Valley of the Seven Castles Tour - 27 km

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About the tour

Guttland – the land of castles. No other part of Luxembourg boasts as many medieval relics as this region. Besides individual castles like those in Useldange or Pettingen, the Valley of the 7 Castles
is counted among the top tourist attractions of the country. This valley is named after the group of seven castles that line its route: Mersch, Schoenfels, Hollenfels, the Old and New Castles of
Ansembourg, Septfontaines, and Koerich. Even today, the castles of the Guttland Region are not extinct but regularly filled with life during the large range festivities and markets organized
throughout the year.

Discover the Valley of the Seven Castles by car and through different view points (see map). 


Visit Guttland
B.P. 150
L-7502 Mersch
Tel.: +352 28 22 78 62

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mersch cha teau de mersch nico lucas
Stage 1

Located in the centre of Mersch, the history of the castle goes back to the 13th century. During the centuries the castle had to withstand multiple attacks and damages. After a large-scale renovation, the castle now houses the administrative office of the municipality.


Castle from the 13th century | Mersch - Schoenfels: 3,8 km

7 castles schoenfels laurent jacquemart
Stage 2

The 17 by 13 metre tower and 21 metres in height is the most impressive inhabited defence tower of the region. The origins of the castle probably date back to the 13th century. The donjon was transformed several times over the centuries. In the 19th century, its appearance was modified in the neo-gothic style. The windows were widened and mansards were added.


Defence tower from 13th century | Schoenfels - Ansembourg: 5,8 km

helperknapp ansembourg cha teau david laurent
Stage 3

The castle was built between 1639 and 1647 by the pioneer of the iron industry, Thomas Bidart. The castle underwent significant changes in the 18th century, when the heirs of Thomas Bidart were first elevated to the rank of barons and then to the rank of counts. The castle itself is since 1987 property of the Japanese religious community Sukyo Mahikari and not open to the public.

The terraced gardens comprise a variety of plant species, fruit trees and grand fountains, but also a collection of sculptures, such as the so-called “mythological alley”, which assembles 10 sculptures of Greek and Roman mythological characters. The gardens are open to the public.


Ansembourg - Hollenfels: 1,5 km

helperknapp hollenfels cha teau jeannot weber
Stage 4

The donjon of the Hollenfels Castle is 39 metres high and overlooks the narrow Eisch Valley, offering impressive views. The castle was first mentioned in the 11th century. It repeatedly changed hands over the centuries. Today the historic walls house a youth centre.


Castle 11th century | Hollenfels - Ansembourg (old castle) : 2,7 km

helperknapp ansembourg vieux chateau mt
Stage 5

Castle dating back to the 12th century. Nowadays a luxurious hotel.


Castle from the 12th century | Ansembourg (old castle) - Septfontaines: 7,6 km

sentiers nationaux septfontaines saeul tuntange ortco
Stage 6

Castle dating back to the 12th century. Privately owned today.

Castle 12th century | Septfontaines - Koerich: 5,7 km

7 castles koerich jeannot weber
Stage 7

The castle of Koerich is a typical lowland castle. With the impressive defence tower, the outer walls which almost form a perfect square, it creates a harmonious unit with the baroque church and the village centre. The castle ruins are currently undergoing renovation works and should reopen to the public in autumn 2019.


Lowland castle 12th century