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More Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg

The sixth edition of our destination magazine Luci - Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg, which has already won several design awards, is now available free of charge!

In our stories, we once again show how colourful the experiences in our beautiful country are.

Have you always wanted to spend the night in a fairytale castle and walk in the footsteps of a giant? We visited the "Parc Merveilleux" for you and tested the adventure trail in Bettembourg in the south of the country. In our story, you can also find out why the giant has awoken from his slumber.

Would you like to find out what stories a single river can tell if you follow it across the country? Then cycle with us along the Sûre from west to east.

A picture is worth a thousand words... How true: discover with us the countless stories told by Luxembourg's fascinating photo collections and discover the historical background.

Would you like to hear stones speak? Then follow us into the underground world of the casemates in Luxembourg City.

Or do you simply want to read stories in peace and quiet in inspiring surroundings? Then explore the libraries in the city and the country together with a young author.

And of course, we tell many more exciting stories in the latest edition of the new Luci travel magazine.


Enjoy reading and see you soon in Luxembourg!

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    LUCI – Issue 6 – ENGLISH

    The travel magazine offers an intimate perspective of new and inspiring ways to explore Luxembourg. It includes stories of encounters with international and local personalities, who share their passions and favourite places. Each story includes related travel tips. An upscale product with 12 international design awards since 2020, Luci is available in four editions (DE, FR, EN, LU).

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    LUCI – Editioun 6 – LËTZEBUERGESCH

    Inspiréierend Geschichten iwwert Plazen, Perséinlechkeeten an Ideen fir Lëtzebuerg aneschters ze entdecken.

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