Symbol of a borderless Europe


Schengen is undoubtedly the village best known for its European status due to the “Schengen Agreement” which was signed on June 14th 1985 on the passenger boat M.S. Princesse Marie-Astrid. The winegrowing village was chosen due to its common border of France, Germany and the economic union Benelux (the first five signatories of the agreement).


The picturesque dream loop "Schengen grenzenlos" leads through the middle of the protected area "Strombierg". The premium trail leads from the European Museum into the protected area and on to France in the surroundings of the winegrowing village of Contz-les-Bains. Magnificent views over the Moselle valley, steep vineyards, wide views towards Luxembourg and the Lorraine and the wild nature create a unique hiking experience.


Every year on the 3rd Sunday in October, the traditional Hunnefeier takes place in Schengen, marking the end of the annual grape harvest. The festival offers an incredible variety of entertainment: a flea and craft market with more than 100 stalls, international street artists, an exhibition of historic tractors, musical entertainment, pony riding, local and regional cuisine, tasting of wines and crémants and the traditional "Fiederwäissen".


Address: Schengen
L-5446 Schengen
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