Valley of the Syr, the Luxembourgish Côte de la Syr

Valley of the Syr, the Luxembourgish Côte de la Syr

If you are looking for Mediterranean flair in Luxembourg, you are in luck: Don‘t go any further than “Syrdall”, a few kilometers northeast of the capital, to find a unique nature reserve with an extraordinary array of plants and animal life. Due to its south-facing slopes, the “Aarnescht” has developed a unique climate, which over the years has become home to a lot of different  mspecies. Today, the reserve is mainly known for its high number of different orchid species, which can all be admired on a pleasant hike through the conservation area. ,Heading out from Niederanven, a thematic trail of nearly 4 kilometers leads hikers through a diversified landscape protected since 1988. Here, the unique interaction ,between human intervention and natural predispositions has led to the creation of a rare and precious biotope, which now is home to 20 different orchid species. Hard to believe that not even half a century ago, only a few rare flora specimens were to be found on the ,“Aarnescht”, while live stock still roamed these pastures. With its sheer endless meadows, breathtaking views, rolling hills, shaded woods and refreshing springs, the valley of the river Syre does not only attract nature enthusiasts. The communes of Niederanven, Schuttrange, Sandweiler, Contern and Weiler-la-Tour offer more than three dozen hiking trails and learning paths to be discovered by adventurous wayfarers of all ages.

Nature Reserve Schlammwiss (Uebersyren)

The 375 ha large wetland “Schlammwiss” in Uebersyren for instance is the largest connected reed area in the country. The biodiversity in the area is second to none in the Grand-Duchy. Especially birdwatchers will appreciate the fact, that the nature reserve is home to almost 90 different avian species, including sparrowhawks, kingfishers and reed warblers. 

Starting at the football pitch in Munsbach, a 3.5 km trail takes visitors through all the different areas of this unique wetlands. Enthusiasts
can even book guided tours at the bird ringing station with its valuable contributions to nature conservation over the past 50 years.

Rose garden (Munsbach)

During the Belle Époque, Luxembourg was worldwide known as the “country of roses”. Up to 6 million rose plants were exported annually. Royal Houses from around the world once plant their large parks with Luxembourg roses. The roses from past times as well as new Luxembourg rose species can be admired in the Munsbach castle park. The approximately 600 Luxembourg rose types are cultivated with a lot of care by the association “Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn“. The castle park is open at all times open and freely accessible.

Syrdall Schwemm (Niederanven) 

Why not end the day in the wellness area of “Syrdall Schwemm”? The water world of Niederanven offers all the commodities a valiant hiker can hope for after a long day out on the trail. Ample lounging facilities invite to linger, whereas two Finnish saunas, a bio sauna, a steam bath and adventure showers all help to prevent weary limbs.


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