Éislek Pad Lellingen

Picnic area at the Lellgerbaach

Where? L-9830 Bockholtz (Parc Hosingen)

The picnic area at the Lellgerbaach is very special. There are no classic wooden benches here, but solid stone benches that make the picnic experience an extraordinary one.

Its location in the middle of the forest and in direct proximity to a stream is particularly pleasant, especially in summer.
The best way to reach this picnic spot is via the Via Botanica. The Éislek Pad Lellingen also passes by it. These two paths are particularly popular in spring, as they run through the fields of wild daffodils.

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freely accessible
Éislek Pad Lellingen
Éislek Pad Lellingen


Address: Steinsitzbank Via Botanica
L-9830 Bockholtz (Parc Hosingen)
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