Serge Erpelding

Serge Erpelding


  • Vegetables: eggplant, cucumbers, potatoes (Finessa, Mirage, Vitelotte), pumpkins, carrots, peppers, leeks, salads, shallots, tomatoes, zucchini, onions

Special features:

  • Label origin of Lëtzebuerg West Region


  • Booth and "self-service shop" in Tuntange (rue de Brouch)
  • La Provençale, butcher Georges in Steinfort, Bricher Paerdsstall, Aral petrol stations in Bour and Erpeldange, youth hostels in Hollenfels Larochette, de Schnékert

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Local products info

  • Shop


Address: Serge Erpelding
rue de Brouch 9
L-7481 Tuntange
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