Quarry "Steekaul Beaufort"

Quarry "Steekaul Beaufort"

Some layers in the Luxembourg sandstone are well suited as rubble and ashlar. In the quarries of Beaufort and Dillingen, the rock was mined from 1835 to the mid-1970s. At the beginning of the 20th century up to 100 people worked there, meaning that the quarries had a high economic value for the region. The sandstone mined there was used locally and nationally, but also across national borders for various buildings. It became window frames, tombstones but also bridges and larger parts of buildings such as parts of the Echternach Abbey. The sandstone from the quarry near Beaufort was transported down to Grundhof in the Sûre valley with the help of a narrow-gauge railway. It had to surmount a large difference in altitude so that the narrow-gauge track has a route with three hairpins. Along the way, aisles were cut across the gaps into the rock. Arrived at the bottom, the material was then reloaded onto the "Prinz-Heinrich-Bahn", the railway in the Sûre valley.
The quarry has a great importance for nature conservation today. The sunny rock faces provide ideal habitats for wall lizards and wild bees.

The former quarry can be hiked on the nature trail "Mensch und Stein" and is located on the ExtraTour B of the Mullerthal Trail. Parking is available in Beaufort.

Closest bus stop: Beaufort, Op der Gare (200m to the starting point of the hiking trail "Mensch und Stein" (Man and Stone), 2.8km to Steekaul Beaufort)
Closest parking lot: Beaufort, Grand-Rue/Op der Gare

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Address: Quarry "Steekaul Beaufort"
Route de Beaufort
L-6350 Beaufort
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