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Where? 2, Keeseschgässel, L-5405 Bech-Kleinmacher

The Museum "A Possen" focuses on how the residents of the Moselle region lived and worked in the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on traditions and customs, most notably winegrowing and craftmanship. Visitors can discover the richness of this tangible and intangible heritage either individually or on a guided tour.

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Discover the Museum "A Possen" in Bech-Kleinmacher in the municipality of Schengen! The museum gradually grew, one house at a time, to become the entangled, yet charming complex that it is today. The oldest of the houses was built in 1617 and is the namesake for the whole complex: the so-called Possenhaus. It focuses on the living and working conditions of the inhabitants of the Mosel region from the 19th to the early 20th centuries. Visitors can discover the fascinating local history with an emphasis on winegrowing, traditions and customs, and the workshop of a cooper, a shoemaker, and a tailor. We invite our visitors to discover the museum and the region’s richness of this tangible and intangible heritage during a visit, a guided tour, or a workshop.

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Address: Office Régional du Tourisme - Région Moselle Luxembourgeoise
52, route du Vin
Bech-Kleinmacher Bech-Kleinmacher
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