When? Friday 23.08.2024

Where? Parking Glacis Luxembourg, L-1628 Luxembourg Traditions, Gastronomie, Other, Markets

Thrills and pleasures

The Schueberfouer is the largest funfair in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. From late August to early September, visitors flock to the fairground at Champ du Glacis to experience the magical atmosphere of the Luxembourg City funfair, which covers a whopping 4 hectares in the heart of the city.

The Schueberfouer is also a hotbed of popular and innovative gastronomy. Visitors come to eat delicious Gromperekichelcher: the famous quintessentially Luxembourgish potato pancakes.

The City of Luxembourg, which organises the Schueberfouer each year, is proud to offer visitors and locals alike a wonderful mix of tradition, gastronomy and thrills – there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in Europe.

On the last day of the Schueberfouer, visitors will be able to take advantage of attractions at half-price until 8 p.m. before enjoying a fireworks show at 10 p.m. on the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge. 

Created in 1340 by John the Blind, Count of Luxembourg, to turn the city into a trading stop between Flanders and Italy.


© Vincent Lescaut L'Essentiel
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Address: Champ du Glacis
Parking Glacis Luxembourg
L-1628 Luxembourg
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Address: Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)
9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg
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Phone:+352 4796-4299
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