When? Saturday 29.06.2024

Festival de Wiltz

Where? 1, Rue du Château, L-9516 Wiltz Music Festivals, LDAV

International events in the amphitheatre in front of the Castle in Wiltz.

Since the creation of the festival in 1953, this unequalled open theatre, with the castle as setting, is the annual appointment of artists as well as theatrical and musical ensembles of international breadth. In 1953 a handful of people from Wiltz had the extraordinary idea to create a Festival in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. From theatre one passed to the music all naturally, and one noticed that a public of connoisseurs and amateurs replied with attentiveness to this initiative. Thus, the Festival of Wiltz was able to present to his public some of the biggest artists of our time, and that for the first time in our country. In 1991 a removable roof, which covers the main of the scene and which offers a refuge to thousand spectators, was installed. So the problem of bad weather was solved and the public enjoys extraordinary acoustic conditions.

© Claude Piscitelli
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Address: Amphitheatre
1, Rue du Château
L-9516 Wiltz
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Address: Coopérations
8, Gruberbeerig
L-9538 Wiltz

Man Man (USA)

Man Man (USA)
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Garden Sounds - Day 1

Garden Sounds - Day 1
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Garden Sounds - Day 2

Garden Sounds - Day 2
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Nuit des Lampions

Like every year, the city garden of Wiltz and the adjacent streets will shine for one evening by means of lanterns and light installations, combined with an original cultural programme in an impressive setting.
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