When? Saturday 27.07.202420:00

Concert d'été

Where? 53, rue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-7520 Mersch Music Festivals

Orchestre National des Jeunes du Luxembourg, Pit Brosius

EN Join the Orchestre National des Jeunes du Luxembourg, conducted by Pit Brosius, as they celebrate the genius of Prokofiev, Bartók and Korngold in this concert that will transport you to a world of rich musical landscapes and moving stories.

The concert opens with Sergei Prokofiev's Symphony No. 1. Experience the vibrant energy and youthful spirit of Prokofiev's composition, as the orchestra brings out the playful melodies and dynamic rhythms, taking you on a thrilling musical journey.

Next, we plunge into Béla Bartók's Suite of Dances. Let the enchanting melodies and intricate dance rhythms transport you to a world of folk-inspired music. The precision and expressiveness of the orchestra's interpretation will captivate you with Bartók's innovative blend of tradition and modernity.

The concert concludes with Erich Korngold's Baby-Serenade for orchestra, a delightful and charming composition. The orchestra portrays the innocence and joy of childhood through Korngold's evocative music, and immerses itself in the nostalgic melodies and playful themes of this work.


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Saturday 27.07.202420:00


Address: Mierscher Kulturhaus
53, rue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-7520 Mersch
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