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Welcome to the roads of Luxembourg

With its excellent road infrastructer and its varied and attractive landscapes, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a first-choice destination for those who love driving.

Whether riding a motorcycle or seated in a classic car, it is a genuine delight to discover the surprisingly different regions of our country. Driving along wooded valley roads through the verdant natural surroundings of the Luxembourg Ardennes, between impressive rock formations in the Mullerthal region, through the vineyards of the meandering River Moselle, through the streets of the capital or past the industrial heritage of the "Land of the Red Rocks" in the south of the country you will be enchanted by the beauty and the diversity of our picturesque country.

Beyond the fascinating experience of driving, Luxembourg also offers the tourist much to savour. Discover our cultural heritage, nature at its purest, museums, castles and tourist attractions, as well as first-class accommodation of every sort. Take a relaxing moment to taste our excellent cuisine, regional products and, when the day's driving is done, our renowned beers, wines and sparkling wines. Gourmets and gourmands alike will love our Luxembourg savoir-vivre!

Luxembourg by classic car

Luxembourg enjoys a very special relationship with classic cars. Is this the result of a growing enthusiasm for the technology and style of oldtimers? Or is it because, despite its modernity, the Grand Duchy is still eager to preserve traditional objects and ideas? Perhaps the enthusiasm for this type of vehicle comes from the fact that the roads of Luxembourg and its natural landscapes are ideally suited for unforgettable rides in a classic car.

On Luxembourgs roads, classic cars, also quaintly called "Oldtimers", are certainly not a rarity. Models from a bygone age frequently appear, standing out from the rather standardised cars which travel about these days. Above all on Sundays, you may see parades of automotive beauties, their owners meeting together to explore the roads of this country or its neighbours.

Oldtimerday - www.oldtimerday.lu

Motorcycling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers bikers a unique and inspiring topographic, geographic and cultural environment. Winding rides through the wooded landscapes of the Ardennes, relaxing  excursions along the idyllic Moselle banked by vineyards, adventures in the South of Luxembourg, the so-called "Land of the Red Rocks", fascinating tours through the romantic Mullerthal, nicknamed "Luxembourg's Little Switzerland", an excursion to the City of Luxembourg for a little shopping or visits to ancient castles ... in Luxembourg, there is so much for bikers to discover and to savour!

Discover not only a charming and even surprising country, but also its multi-cultural, multilingual and extremely hospitable population. We fondly hope it will not be long before we see you in Luxembourg. This small but magnificent country has many pleasant revelations in store for you. Like so many others before you, you will invariably succumb its unique charms. We wish you welcome and hope you enjoy your stay.

Have a safe trip !

Motorcylists, beware !

For your own safety

  1. You must be physically and mentally fit to react to critical situations.
  2. Don’t forget that in accidents you are just as vulnerable as cyclists or pedestrians.
  3. Don’t take unnecessary risks.
  4. Don’t rely on your right of priority.
  5. Don’t forget that going too fast for the conditions is the main cause of accidents involving only a motorcyclist.
  6. Beware of roadside gravel and other road markings that can be slippery in wet weather.
  7. When taking corners, keep your distance from the centre line as oncoming vehicles may cross it.
  8. Don’t ride too close to a vehicle or in a driver’s blind spot.  Overtake the vehicle or keep a safe distance so that you are not in danger if the vehicle changes lanes.
  9. Don’t pull out without warning and always remember to check your rear-view mirrors.
  10. When in doubt, slow down, be ready to brake and try to be seen.



Motorcycle and Classic car tours in Luxembourg

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National Museum for Historical Vehicles

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The National Museum for Historical Vehicles also houses the Historical Museum...

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Oldtimerday Luxembourg

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The aim of the "Oldtimerday Luxembourg" is to openly share and...

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Vespa tour "Welcome Europe"

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The route “Welcome Europe” takes across the three-border-area...

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Vintage Cars & Bikes Steinfort

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Since 2013, the first weekend in August in Steinfort it’s all about...

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Luxembourg for Oldtimer Lovers

Luxembourg is a delight for motorists, especially lovers of classic and vintage cars. read more

Motorcycle and Classic Car Tours


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