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S1 Highlight Tour

This 74 km long tour starts in Scheidgen and leads along numerous regional highlights. The first section passes through a forest towards Echternach. The oldest town in Luxembourg is worth a visit. After a short part along the Sûre, the ...

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M1 The Castle Tour

This sporty tour offers scenic and cultural diversity and leads along impressive sandstone formations and river valleys. From the center of Beaufort, you first ride downhill towards the valley of the Black Ernz and then take a challenging cli...

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L1 For Beginners

This short and yet varied tour of 30 km, suitable for beginners, leads along the river Sûre and through the valley of the Black Ernz. Starting at the parking lot of "Heringer Millen", one of the major mills of the region and t...

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L4 The Border Tour

The tour starts at the lake of Echternach and takes you on its first 25 km along the river Sûre. In this section, you can either pedal vigorously or take it easy to enjoy the scenery on both, the Luxembourgish and the German side. After...

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M3 Through the Valley of the Black Ernz

This moderate tour is mainly characterized by a 15 km long but steady climb at the beginning. The tour starts at the parking area of the youthhostel at the lake of Echternach. After a short passage through the abbey town, you will ride on a f...

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Race bike tours in Luxembourg

Mountain bikers are not the only ones to find their heart’s desire in Luxembourg. Those who prefer road and tour biking are also spoilt with an impressive array of cycle paths and circuits. The Mullerthal Region - also known as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland - is a true paradise for cyclists. Its lush nature, hilly terrain and well-kept roads with little traffic are ideal for cycling hikes and excursions. There are circuits suitable for all levels, including those used by professional cyclists during their training sessions.

The many routes available will lead you past impressive rock formations as well as through peaceful valleys, but also past interesting cultural sites such as Echternach, the oldest city in Luxembourg, or castle ruins like those of Beaufort and Larochette. Everything is laid out in such a way that you can devise your very own 'Tour de Luxembourg', adapted to your desires and skills.

The most competitive and fit riders will opt for circuits like the Mullerthal X-treme, with its very demanding uphill and downhill slopes, or the Charly Gaul - a route that each year hosts a renowned cycling race of the same name, with more than 1,000 enthusiasts taking part. In the Luxembourg Moselle region, another great cyclo-sport event awaits: the Schleck Gran Fondo, a UCI-certified mass race open to licensed and non-licensed cyclists, which starts in Mondorf-les-bains.

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S2 Mullerthal Classics

Where : Echternach

With its length of 80 km and a total climb of almost 1.400 m,...

Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal Classics

Dällchen West Tour (24 km)

Where : Useldange

The comfortable cycle tour of Dällchen allows you to discover the former...

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L1 For Beginners

Where : Mullerthal

This short and yet varied tour of 30 km, suitable for beginners,...

Mullerthal Cycling - Einsteiger Tour | For beginners

L2 Panorama Tour

Where : Bech

Except one more strenuous slope, this easy tour is suitable for...

Mullerthal Cycling - Panorama Tour

L3 Mullerthal Light

Where : Echternach

The first 15 km of this tour run from Echternach along the river...

Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal Light

L4 The Border Tour

Where : Echternach

The tour starts at the lake of Echternach and takes you on its first 25...

Mullerthal Cycling - Grenzland Tour | The Border Tour

L5 The Discovery Tour

Where : Steinheim

You will ride the first 25 km of this tour comfortably, on the cycle...

Mullerthal Cycling - Entdecker Tour | The Discovery Tour

M1 The Castle Tour

Where : Beaufort

This sporty tour offers scenic and cultural diversity and leads along...

Mullerthal Cycling - Schlösser Tour | The Castle Tour

M2 Up and Down

Where : Medernach

The name of the tour is no coincidence: several ascents and...

Mullerthal Cycling - Up and Down

M3 Through the Valley of the Black Ernz

Where : Echternach

This moderate tour is mainly characterized by a 15 km long but...

Mullerthal Cycling - Through the Valley of the Black Ernz

M4 Through fields, woods & meadows

Where : Eppeldorf

This moderate tour that combines short and long climbs and descents is a...

Mullerthal Cycling - Through fields, woods & meadows

M5 On-the-rocks!

Where : Echternach

This tour offers next to a challenging height profile also a beautiful...

Mullerthal Cycling - Felsen Tour | On-the-rocks!

S1 Highlight Tour

Where : Scheidgen

This 74 km long tour starts in Scheidgen and leads along numerous...

Mullerthal Cycling - Highlight Tour

S3 The valley of the Sûre

Where : Echternach

Even though the first 15 and the last 25 km - and thus almost half of...

Mullerthal Cycling - Sauertal Tour | The valley of the Sûre

S4 Mullerthal X-treme

Where : Echternach

The name of this tour, which starts in Echternach, comes from...

Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal X-treme

S5 Charly Gaul B

Where : Echternach

This 105-km-long tour, known by the Charly Gaul race, with numerous long...

Mullerthal Cycling - Charly Gaul B

S6 Charly Gaul A

Where : Echternach

This demanding tour is known because of the race of the same...

Mullerthal Cycling - Charly Gaul A

Wisen West Tour (36 km)

Where : Redange-sur-Attert

Far away from urban bustle, the canton of Redange conserved its peaceful and...

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