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With its vineyards and breweries, its producers of meats and cheeses, Luxembourg has a range of unique and enticing flavours. It is these boutique producers who shape the local landscape with their passion and expertise. Between infusions, oils, herbs and cereals "Vum Séi", local products create a gourmet basket, which for decades has been attracting visitors, foodies and gourmets alike. Regional products are also on almost all restaurant menus, which are only too happy to plate Luxembourg specialities on their card.

Local Products - Luxembourg Specialities

Wine country Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Moselle – Between epicure and savoirfaire, a unique microcosm for unique wines.

Food & beverage

Luxembourg is a country largely characterised by agriculture, providing jobs for farmers, gardeners and labourers. Besides cereal crops, many...


For the production of handicrafts, local and typical Luxembourgish raw materials are used.

Sou schmaacht Lëtzebuerg

The awareness campaign was initiated by the Chamber of Agriculture in May 2009 in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture with objective...

Specialities and recipes

No matter whether derived from a centennial tradition or newly developed, Luxembourg’s local food is outstanding due to its authenticity and taste.

Sale of local products

Regional products can be purchased directly from the producer or in various supermarkets, weekly and monthly markets or specialized shops in...


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