Ramborn 2019Harvest 58©LFT VéroniqueKolber
Ramborn 2019Harvest 58©LFT VéroniqueKolber

Local produce

You can’t get to know a country without getting stuck into its local produce. So, stock up on Made in Luxembourg products!

Local products

Whether you love good food or you just love food, Luxembourg certainly has some tasty treats on offer. There’s plenty for foodies to get their teeth into in Luxembourg, which is well-stocked with small-scale local producers, whose passion and know-how shape the country’s food culture.

While the beers brewed in Luxembourg are already greatly appreciated by connoisseurs, it wouldn’t do to forget the country’s wines because the hillsides on the banks of the Moselle River produce top-notch grapes. The region produces innumerable still and fizzy wines, which have started to sell better and better in recent years. Increasingly known for their quality, these wines are winning over oenophiles far beyond Luxembourg’s borders. Make sure to stop off in a winery or two, either to stock up or to sample a few wines paired with the local specialities.

Luxembourg also has its own cuisine, with influences drawn from the country’s history, from the waves of immigration, which have left their mark, and from current trends. There are down-at-heel restaurants that, while they might not look like much, will give you a taste of the country’s iconic dishes; there are also restaurants that are acclaimed – some even have Michelin stars – and will enable you to sample dishes by the Luxembourg chefs of the moment.

Lastly, don’t leave the country without stocking up on Made in Luxembourg products, made by small-scale, artisan producers who love their work. Herbal teas, oils, cheeses, charcuterie and cereals will make excellent souvenirs, as will pottery, candles or jewellery.

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Wine country Luxembourg

With vines stretching as far as the eye can see, Moselle is bursting with wineries and age-old know-how.

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Food & drink

The country is known for its beer, eaux-de-vie, meat, cereals and dairy products.

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Artisan products

Made by small-scale, artisan producers, the Grand Duchy is proud of the various products that are Made in Luxembourg.

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Sou schmaacht Lëtzebuerg

This awareness-raising and information campaign is intended to give visibility to Luxembourg’s local produce.

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Specialities and recipes

No matter whether derived from a centennial tradition or newly developed, Luxembourg’s local food is outstanding due to its authenticity and taste.

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Sale of local produce

Local markets and supermarkets give prominence to regional produce and Luxembourg’s specialities.

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