Grund LuxembourgCity 9©LFT ChristopheVanBiesen (1)
Grund LuxembourgCity 9©LFT ChristopheVanBiesen (1)


This is bound to surprise you: Luxembourg has four UNESCO-recognised cultural sites!

All sorts of UNESCO-listed heritage

Stroll down the Corniche – which Batty Weber called “the most beautiful balcony in Europe” – and take in a spectacular and very picturesque view of Luxembourg City. Delve into the romantic Grund area. Wander through the Casemates, a maze of criss-crossing underground galleries and tunnels carved into the heart of the enormous rock known as the Bock. Potter around the pretty cobbled alleyways of the old town. Or just sit back and take in the view of the surrounding architecture from the terrace of a bar! Whatever you do in Luxembourg City’s historical centre, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, its charm and tranquillity are sure to get under your skin.

But, if you push on south into Minett, you’ll see a whole different side of the country. Minett’s reddish soil – rich in iron ore – and remnants of its mining and industrial past mean that the region’s views are remarkable. Want to take lots of beautiful photos? Make use of these unusual landscapes, particularly at dusk when the sunlight is caressing the ruins of disused mines that are being swallowed up by vegetation, against a backdrop of the silhouettes of Belval’s blast furnaces. In 2020, this area’s natural and cultural riches earned it classification as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Ready to experience one of Luxembourg’s local traditions? On Whit Tuesday (usually late May or early June), head to Echternach to catch the dancing procession held in honour of Saint Willibrord; it is the last of its kind in Europe. Held every year, it turns the town into a giant dancefloor, with rows of dancers – each of whom is holding one end of a white handkerchief, with the other end held by their neighbour – moving forwards to a steady beat that you will never be able to get out of your head! The event was added to the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.

Clervaux is another Luxembourg town that’s worth a visit. Here you can immerse yourself in Edward Steichen’s renowned photographic exhibition The Family of Man, which has formed part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme since 2003. A manifesto for peace and equality between human beings, this collection is an unmissable stop on your Luxembourg trip.

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