Luxembourg’s Museumsmile

If you take a map of Luxembourg City and you connect the 7 museums of the city with each other, a smile will a appear.


Luxembourg’s Museumsmile

A big smile for a small mile

You are certainly wondering what a Museumsmile might be?

If you take a map of Luxembourg City and you connect the 7 museums of the city with each other, a smile will a appear. And due to the fact that the distance between the different cultural establishments comes to less than a mile, makes it easy to imagine and to understand where the name comes from.

The short distance and the easy access to the different museums are only some reasons why you should not miss the City museums on your list. Besides the accessibility, one of the main reasons to visit the seven unique institutions, is the diversity that attracts each year numerous curious visitors and culture lovers.

The five museums in the city center, who are easily reachable by foot, offer incomparable exhibitions covering history, archeology, contemporary art and natural history without forgetting the two beautiful hidden gems at the Kirchberg district.

The Villa Vauban, housed in a redeveloped and extended gorgeous villa originally from the 19th century, located in the middle of the municipal park, is a museum of Fine Arts with collections of ancient and contemporary art (paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs). The exhibitions focus on old Master paintings from the 17th to the 19th century, primarily history and landscape painting. The museum also offers an extensive cultural program with workshops, lectures and concerts, just to name a few activities, and is open until 9 pm on Friday’s.

The latest trends of international contemporary art from young artists can be found at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain. Thematic tours, conferences and performances are part of the rich cultural program of the museum. A special feature inside the museum is the InfoLab, the only specialised library of contemporary art in Luxembourg open to the public. This museum  is established in the previous "Casino Bourgeois", a former cultural and social hotspot during the 19th century.

A panoramic lift travelling through more than 1 000 years of history in a glimpse of time is already a reason to visit the Lëtzebuerg City Museum. But there are more reasons to visit this beautiful place. It will teach you in an innovative way the history of the Grand-Duchy’s capital city. The diverse collections consist of daily used objects, plans, photographs, posters,... all testifying the urban development. Thematic tours and workshops will enhance your experience.

The dream of everlasting life, the world's largest mummy exhibition is proudly displayed at the National Museum of History and Art. Additionally to the temporary exhibitions, the museum provides large archaeological, historical and artistic collections. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages over to a collection of European Fine Arts or a fabulous collection of coins and medals. The museum has it all!

The National Museum of Natural History invites young and old to discover their scientific sections (zoology, paleontology, anthropology, astrophysics …). Educational activities complete the permanent and temporary exhibits and educate you about different nature and scientific related topics in order to protect our endangered natural heritage.

To discover the history of the fortress of Luxembourg and to learn more about the origins of Luxembourg City, don’t miss the Museum Dräi Eechelen, placed in the only detached fort that still exists in the territory of the ancient fortress of Luxembourg, the Fort Thüngen. The symbolic building and the extraordinary exhibition immerse you right into the history of the country.

As a contrast and for those who love modern art, you can extend your visit with the Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean. The absolutely amazing building designed by Ieoh Ming Pei and built onto the rampart walls of the Fort Thüngen is an artwork itself. A great example showing that the past and the present can perfectly harmonize. MUDAM exposes international and local contemporary artworks. Wednesday@MUDAM, MUDAM Auditorium, MUDAM Studio are only a few examples of the original extra activities that are offered throughout the year.

To sum-up, Luxembourg City has a tremendous offer when it comes to culture, art and history. All the museums are housed in existing beautiful buildings that were transformed or extended over the years. By purchasing a Luxembourg Card you can enjoy the incredible collections and make use of all the advantages that the card has to offer.

Visit the Museumsmile with a smile!

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