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Family bistro or gourmet restaurant, Luxembourg’s tabletops offer a stunning visual of the country’s fabulous mix of cultures and flavours.

Restaurants in Luxembourg

Family bistro or gourmet restaurants, Luxembourg offers an excellent cuisine with a fabulous mix of cultures and flavours. The grand cuisines of European cultures mingle with local products to create a rich and varied culinary offer. This guide lists the best lunch and dining places in Luxembourg that offer delicious food and outstanding service. Also discover the many restaurants for eating out in Luxembourg City. Finally, let yourself be tempted by one of the 10 starred restaurants (one or two stars) in Luxembourg whose fame reaches far beyond the country’s borders.


Tourism Quality Labels in Luxembourg

In order to grant presumptuous welcome and best services, the Ministry for Economy created several labels to stress the importance of quality in tourism. These labels gather several initiatives improving quality in hotels, restaurants, holiday-apartments, campsites, youth hostels, attractions and even outdoor initiatives.

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Restaurants in Luxembourg

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Restaurant Comte Godefroy

Where: Esch-sur-Sûre

1, rue du pont

L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre

T. +352 83 91 10

Brasserie-Restaurant Le Bohey

Where: Doncols

Bohey 23

L-9647 Doncols

T. +352 95 03 06

Restaurant Aux Anciennes Tanneries

Where: Wiltz

42a, Rue Jos Schmit

L-9530 Wiltz

T. +352 95 75 99

Bistrot du Commerce

Where: Wiltz

9, Rue des Tondeurs

L-9570 Wiltz

T. +352 26 95 35 76

Brasserie Au Petit Marché

Where: Wiltz

21, rue Hannelanst

L-9544 Wiltz

T. +352 26 95 08 17

Friterie "Op Der Lann"

Where: Wiltz

1, Avenue Nicolas Kreins

L-9536 Wiltz

T. +352 95 81 13

Restaurant An der Gaessen

Where: Eschweiler

25, Duerfstrooss

L-9651 Eschweiler

T. +352 26 95 43 06

Restaurant Auberge Michel Rodange

Where: Wiltz

11, rue M. Rodange

L-9557 Wiltz

T. +352 95 06 69

Restaurant Bauschelter Grill

Where: Boulaide

34, rue Jérôme de Busleyden

L-9639 Boulaide

T. +352 26 91 72 41

Restaurant Bauschelter Stuff

Where: Boulaide

2, rue du Curé

L-9640 Boulaide

T. +352 26 91 70 28

Restaurant Beau-Site

Where: Esch-sur-Sûre

2, rue de Kaundorf

L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre

T. +352 83 91 34

Restaurant Beim Schlass

Where: Wiltz

1-3, Grand-Rue

L-9530 Wiltz

T. +352 95 80 18

Restaurant Beim Sheila

Where: Harlange

29, Rue Mgr. Fallize

L-9655 Harlange

T. +352 99 32 53

Restaurant Bissen Pizzeria Am Gronn

Where: Heiderscheidergrund

1, Route de Bastogne

L-9659 Heiderscheidergrund

T. +352 26 88 92 91

Restaurant Camping Auberge de la Sûre

Where: Dirbach

Dirbach Plage

L-9153 Dirbach

T. +352 26 95 92 39

Restaurant Chez Xu

Where: Wiltz

61, Grand-Rue

L-9530 Wiltz

T. +352 95 81 52

Restaurant Jimmy's Ethiopian

Where: Heiderscheid

1, Am Eewischteneck

L-9157 Heiderscheid

T. +352 26 88 97 66

Restaurant Le Postillon

Where: Esch-sur-Sûre

1, rue de l'Eglise

L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre

T. +352 89 90 33-1

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