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The village of Weiler-la-Tour (Weiler-the-Tower) owes its name to a watchtower that once belonged to the fortifications of a Roman settlement. However, it has nothing in common with the round tower from 1750, you can nowadays see on numerous official documents. This newer tower and its counterpart (which has disappeared by now) once guarded the entrance to the Weiler manor house.

This municipality is very popular as a residential area and consists of the villages Hassel and Syren, which is where the source of the river Syr originates.

On one summer Sunday, the streets of Syren resound like an echo of times long past. At the Barrel Organ Festival, which takes place every two years, the pavement belongs to peculiar musicians who perform their songs and melodies on squares, sidewalks, courtyards and in many unexpected places for the great fun of the audience.

Apart from this extraordinary highlight, the town of Syren has a neo-Gothic church from 1850, which is on the list of national monuments.

A thematic trail with the promising name Steekauzewee (Minerva’s owl way) leads through the natural sights of Weiler-la-Tour. Of course, there is no shortage of cycle paths. By the way, one of them is dedicated to the Luxembourg cycling legend Charly Gaul.


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