Vins René Krippes

Vins René Krippes

  • White wine: Riesling, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois

The owner purchased in 2007 0.75 acre of land in the vineyard area called Hoelt in Rosport. In 2009 Riesling vines were planted, followed in 2010 by Pinot Gris vines. In 2016, the last vineyard was planted with Auxerrois vines. In total, the area I cultivate is around 31 ares. The slope of the vineyards span from 10% to 40%. The Riesling vines are planted partly in a terraced vineyard, allowing only manual work.

The best wines exhibit the “terroir“, where they have been grown. Therefore, winegrowing is performed by a natural method without any herbicides and insecticides. Disease control relies on products authorized for organic wine farming, without organic certification however. Besides small quantities of compost used as fertilizers, green manure is cultivated to improve as well the structure of the soil.

Yields are deliberately reduced to 1200 to 1600 liters/acre to obtain wines with a concentrated aroma. Late harvesting allows to have an optimal physiological maturity of the grapes leading to the full development of the wine aromas.
Winemaking is performed by the Château Pauqué, the winery of Abi Duhr in Grevenmacher, following the typical style of the winery based on a very slow fermentation with natural yeasts spanning from 8 to 12 months.

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Address: Vins René Krippes
Rue du Pont 11A
L-6581 Rosport
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Phone:+352 621 28 61 31
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