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"Karossenweg", "Six Princesses", "Ghost House", "Dead Woman" ... If you became curious and wonder what is behind these bizarre names, you should visit the history trail "Grünewald" near Steinsel!

In addition to its ecological and scenic riches, the Grünewald area is characterised by a large number of cultural and historical sites. An essential part of the most important forest area of the country lies on the territory of the municipality Steinsel, consisting of the villages Steinsel, Müllendorf and Heisdorf.

Today, the community in the Alzette valley is a modern place to live and work, with a high quality of life. Since the Roman times, it has played an important regional role. The remains of a Roman sanctuary with a main temple and several outbuildings are proof of that. The complex, dating from the 1st century AD, had its heyday in the 4th century. You will find extensive information on the four exposed buildings on the information boards on site. In addition, the foundations of a Roman residential complex were discovered on the forecourt of today's church.

Thanks to its central location, Steinsel is a perfect leg on the Alzette cycle track, which connects the circuit of the centre in Dommeldingen with the Mittelsauer cycle track in Ettelbrück.


Address: Steinsel
L-7322 Steinsel
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Roman temple
Roman temple
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