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A gentle, hilly landscape in which occasional villages blend harmoniously, the peaks of the Ösling in the blue distance - one might almost imagine oneself in the painting of an old master. If you take a closer look, you will notice that this first impression of the surroundings of the municipality of Saeul is by no means a coincidence.

At the foot of a slope, surrounded by a large wooded area, the village of Saeul is particularly enchanting with its numerous lovingly restored houses and its Romanesque church. At the end of the village, near an old washing fountain, there is a hiking trail and three running tracks. At the mighty oak tree (which is one of the oldest trees in Luxembourg) a park with a pond invites you to relax.

The sturdy church tower, full of character, makes the village of Kapweiler visible from afar. The church is currently being restored and on the list of the national monuments. A little further west, in Calmus, the Um Titzebierg garden attracts garden lovers and romantics from all over the world with its variety of Luxembourgish roses.

At Schweebecherbréck near Schwebach, a renowned restaurant promises culinary delights with modern Luxembourgish cuisine.



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L-7470 Saeul
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