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"Wou d'Uelzecht durech d'Wisen zéit..." (Where the Alzette flows through the meadows) - It could well have been the surroundings of Lorentzweiler that inspired the poet to write the first line of the Luxembourg national anthem. Nevertheless, in the municipality situated between Luxembourg City and Mersch, visitors can expect undreamt-of treasures in an environment that could not be more authentic: on one side the Alzette Valley, through which a beautiful bicycle path runs along the Luxembourg-Ettelbrück railway and on the other side the myth-enshrouded Gréngewald.

You can explore the municipality of Lorentzweiler for instance on a hiking trail of about 10 km. Near the village of Blaschette, surrounded by trees and shrubs, an identic replica of a Neolithic house with a garden and a menhir circle conjures long gone centuries. In the surroundings of Helmdingen, the Fautelfiels hill offers a breathtaking view over the valley. The ancient chapel built in the rocks gives the valley a mystical glow, while the Gourmangslee, a natural cave, was only discovered in 2018.

The information panels on the nature trail Op Kuelent are dedicated to the nature and the history of the "Kuelebierg"(coal mountain). At the same time, they provide information on the course, position, altitude and distance to the starting point of the route. On the Lorentzweiler sculpture trail, you can admire the works of various artists in green surroundings.



Address: Lorentzweiler
L-7350 Lorentzweiler
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