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Among the many idyllic villages that are scattered in the west of Luxembourg, one breaks ranks. During your visit to Kahler, in the municipality of Garnich, you should not be surprised if you end up at one of the many murals decorated with colourful graffiti art. Under the motto "Make Koler Kooler", a young local artist, together with a handful of colleagues, transformed the facades of the village houses into a huge work of art. Their creativity spread to the inhabitants of Kahler, who took the "urbanization" of their village a step further and created a cinema in the premises of the old school, the equipment of which is in no way inferior to that of a large complex.

Science fiction fans may be interested in the following highlight, but be careful: Star Wars was yesterday’s news! You should better get on your bike, or, if you feel like it, walk to the Rébierg near Hivingen. What awaits you here is not the scenery of a Space Opera, but a drinking water reservoir! One with a particularly futuristic appearance. So unfortunately, no UFO wants to take you to foreign galaxies. But one can always dream...

All this is certainly evidence of a resolute and innovative spirit, as well as an admirable openness to the world. Nonetheless, the villages of the municipality of Garnich have lost none of their picturesque charm. Go see for yourself and take a stroll through the area, for example along the paths laid out by the CFL from the station of Kleinbettingen.


Address: Garnich
L-8350 Garnich
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Pompiers-Fanfare Garnich asbl
Pompiers-Fanfare Garnich asbl
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