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Where? L-7760 Bissen


Add the presence of Goodyear and Arcelor-Mittal on its territory, and you will have gathered that Bissen is a municipality teeming with economic and artisanal activities. But the town of the same name which has registered impressive growth as a residential area in recent years, can boast also a historical past, the vestiges of which it bears with pride.

A case in point is the St-Roch Chapel, perched on the Wobierg heights above the village, which bears witness to the ravages of the plague in the 17th century, but also to cholera two centuries later. A vast landscape of fields stretches out behind this place of meditation, criss-crossed by rural roads and paths that beckon you to take a stroll.

The centre of the town, with its parish church, its bridge over the Attert brook and its buildings dating from past centuries, forms a harmonious whole that breathes the peaceful rhythm of village life.


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Address: Bissen
L-7760 Bissen
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