Sports and leisure activities in Luxembourg

Amateurs of sports holidays will find a plethora of leisure activities to accomplish whilst in Luxembourg. From climbing and cycling, to nautical sports and aviation; Luxembourg sports combine physical challenges with entertainment for both young and old. Outdoor leisure sports such as golf or fishing are doubly enhanced given the fabulous natural surroundings of the Grand Duchy. At the end of a hard day you’ll find wellness, health and spa centers throughout the country that offer a moment of pure relaxation.

Sport and Leisure in Luxembourg


Discover Luxembourg by bike on more than 600 km cycling routes. Moreover: choose amongst several thematic bike tours.


Beautiful hiking trails draw through the breathtaking landscapes of Luxemburg. Various walking maps are available.

Adventure & Climbing

Thrill seeking? Discover Luxembourg’s numerous adventure trails! Exploring adventure parks or indoor climbing walls, there is more than enough...


Manicured fairways, natural environments, professional service - Take a trip around Luxembourg by trying out our 6 elegant golf courses. Discover...

Wellness & Swimming Pools

Find all indoor and outdoor pools in Luxembourg as well as their contact details. Discover many of the relaxing spa retreats within the country.

Motorbikes & Classic cars

With its excellent road infrastructure and its varied and attractive landscapes, Luxembourg is a first-choice destination for those who love driving.

Water Activities

Kayaking down a river? Water-ski on the Moselle? A spot of scuba diving in a lake? Discover the world of watersports in Luxembourg.

Horseback riding

Luxembourg offers nearly everything you need for an excellent horse riding holiday.

Various Sports

Between ballooning, skydiving, ice skating or skiing - Luxembourg is teeming with interesting addresses for sports enthusiasts.


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