Veiner Nëssmoort

Type of event : Leisure, Tradition

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The day before the Nutmarket, each association will start to harvest the nuts which they will need for the nut-market. Like in the previous years, the harvest of nuts will be proceeded with the help of a joggle-machine. This machine makes a quick and easy harvest possible. Several associations, however, still pick the nuts the traditional way with long wooden sticks. After "pouring" them, they need washing and drying.

The preparations for the nut market obviously do not only start two weeks before. The preparation of the "Nëssdrëpp" (Nut-Schnaps) is taking a longer time. The "Nëssdrëpp" is made of young nuts that are picked while the paring is still green and when they are almost as small as the top of a little finger. Then you put them on brandy and after they reached maturity you get the "Nëssdrëpp" which is pleasant and stimulating for the stomach.

On Sunday, the town centre (rue de la Gare + Grand rue) is closed to the traffic between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Visitors use the "Park & Ride" parking and a free shuttle brings them to Mont St. Nicolas and hotel Oranienburg located at the footsteps of the castle.



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Begin : 07-10-2018

End : 07-10-2018


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